C h a p t e r O n e

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The marauders were sitting at the gryffindor table planning a prank on snape when James suddenly said
"and now that we're on that topic , since when do you hang out with snakes!!!"
he raised the tone of his voice at the last part making many students at the table turn their attention to him

"Yeah i don't even recognise you anymore Moony" Sirius said with a dramatic sign

"Calm down  everyone , Serena happens to be a really nice person and her friends are not even that bad to be around besides not all slytherins are bad and evil" Remus said rolling his eyes at how dramatic they were

"Yeah and there also hot" Peter added

"Well he's not wrong but there still snakes" Sirius said

"Wait who's Serena" James asked confused

"Tell me you don't know Serena Carrow , I mean mate I'm with you I don't go for snakes either but it's impossible not to notice her" Sirius responded

"Yeah Sirius is totally right mate she's drop dead gorgeous" Peter continued

"Well I think you're both exaggerating and there's no way she is more beautiful than my Lily flower" James said looking over the Gryffindor table where Lily Evans was sitting 

"Yeah whatever you say mate" Sirius said

"You only say that because you haven't seen her" he added

"Or her friends" Peter continued

"And to think that five minutes ago you were lecturing Remus about hanging out with snakes" James retorted

The marauders didn't continue their conversation as they heard a foreign voice speak to them. They all turned their attention to the Slytherin girl that was standing in front of them.

"Hello Remus" Evelyn said smiling lightly at the golden haired boy

"Hello" she turned to greet the other marauders

"Hello" they responded in unison

"Evelyn" Remus said returning her smile

"You forgot your book in the library earlier and I thought you might need it" she explained and a subtle blush formed on her cheeks as handed the book to him

"Thank you" Remus responded taking the book of her hands

An awkward silence took over and she thought it was best to leave when Remus' voice stopped her

"Ermm Evelyn" he said

"Yes Remus" she turned to look at him again

"We're throwing a party at the room of requirement tonight at 9 pm and I thought you might wanted to come" he told her smiling gently at her

"I'm not really sure" she nervously responded , her cheeks now being bright red

"Oh she will be there Lupin" Serena's voice interrupted them

"You and Ruby can come to"Peter said

"Wait wait what? Since when we're inviting snakes to the party" James said sounding confused

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