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The three following days Serena was avoiding James with success...

She didn't talk to him unless it was absolutely necessary and she was hugging around her housemates more so James wouldn't come close to her.

At the same time she had almost finished the project and the full moon was so only two days away. She just needed to get the flower and then she was done.

James on the other hand tried to talk to her in every possible way but the blonde would shut him off completely.

He wanted to talk to her about the kiss , about anything really he kind of missed being around her , even if they were just doing their potions project or any type homework and they were completely silent...

James and Sirius were serving another detention that afternoon ,
the were both were working in silent cleaning an empty classroom when the raven haired boy spoked.

"Prongs is everything alright?" he asked worried about his friend who seemed a bit off lately

"I kissed her" James mumbled

"Who! Oh Merlin don't tell me you finally kissed Evans!" Sirius responded enthusiastically

"No it was Serena , I kissed Serena" James turned to look at his friend

"What!" A shocked expression formed on Sirius face
"But I thought you were so whipped about Evans you didn't even look at other girls" he explained in confusion

"Well I thought the same thing but she just makes me forget about Lily" James responded

"Oh so she's like a distraction , I get it" Sirius said

"Well yeah , I mean I will always love my Lilyflower" James said not completely sure that he actually meant his words

The conversation didn't continue any further but for Serena who was standing on the other side of the classroom's door that was enough.

She wouldn't even be there if mcgonagal didn't ask her to go tell them that their detention was over.

Serena felt stupid and used and for the first time insecure like she wasn't enough for him to like her but only be a distraction.

But at the same time she felt so smart that she pushed him off when he kissed her even though she wasn't sure if she wanted him to stop and so glad she heard what he really thought of her.

How could she ever feel something for him? How she let that happen? she thought to herself

Tears were ready to drop off Serena's eyes but she didn't let them instead she wore an ice cold expression on her face like she had no emotions ,
she opened the door announcing them that their detention was over and seconds later she was gone.

James went to follow her but she had already disappeared by the time he got out of the classroom...

Serena headed to the black lake , as she let her tears fall down her cheeks . She needed a quiet place to think.

She sat down under a large tree. Why did she felt that way? Did she actually had feelings for him? She thought while she letting out quite sobs.

Serena was never evil or mean or anything that would fit to a typical Slytherin.

A lot of people would question why she was sorted in that particular house and a lot would mistake her for a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff.

She was kind , brave and a great friend but the main characteristics in her personality was how smart and cunning she really was and how cold and emotionless she could be when needed confirming that the sorting hat's decision was right.

The blonde was angry and hurt and she wasn't about to let anyone see that.

Realising that avoiding the messy haired boy isn't working anymore she decided it would better if she just didn't acknowledge his existence ,
and as hard as that may seems Serena Carrow could do it with easiness...

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