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It was finally the night of the full moon...

The marauders were occupied making sure to take care of Remus and make him feel well. He felt a bit sick when a full moon was coming.

James had noticed Serena's distancing herself from him but he was too busy worrying about Remus at the moment. When he had a little spare time today , though he was planning to talk to her.

Serena on the other hand , was planning on how to get the flower. She had to find it or she would fail the project or worse she would have to do it again...with him

The whole day passed really quickly and it was now after curfew. Serena quietly got out of the castle before anyone could see her and went straight to the forbidden forest.

She walked in the forest , having her  wand ready in case something happened and started looking for the flower.

Everything was going well , and in a short  amount of time she found the flower. It was a truly beautiful plant , it's petals reflecting the full moon.

She carefully went to pick it up when she felt a breath really close to her. Only to turn around and face the giant beast that was standing so close to her...

Serena froze at the realisation that a warewolf was now in front of her. She took a step back trying not to show any sign of fear. But inside she was frightened.

The wolf howled and moved closer , ready to attack her when out of nowhere a giant stag pushed him back.

The stag turned to Serena and lowered his head gesturing to get on his back when a large black dog appeared and tried to held the warewolf back.

The stag took her back to the castle. Serena observed the large animal , it seemed familiar to her but she didn't know why.

And then the next minute instead of a stag standing in front of her was James Potter.

The blonde girl gasped in shock as James placed his hands on either side of her shoulders in an attempt to calm her down.

"What the hell" Serena said taking a step back and slapping his hands away

"Look , just calm down and I will explain everything" James said moving towards the blonde girl

"Don't tell me to calm down! And tell what's going on" she yelled at him

"Well I'm trying but yelling at me will not speed up the process" James said raising the tone of him voice but Serena only scoffed in response

"What the hell where you doing here after curfew anyways?" James asked

"That's not important" Serena answered

"It is to me , and I want to know" he exclaimed

"Well the flower we need for our potions project only blossoms on a full moon remember" she answered looking anything but him

"Why didn't you tell me to help you get it , we're partners at the project you know" he asked her confused lowering his tone

"Well because I didn't want your help! In fact that's why I was at the forbidden forest. So I could get the stupid flower! And finish the stupid project so I don't have to see your stupid face again!" She said almost shouting and saw James' face fall because of her words.

"But I thought we were..." he mumbled not finishing his sentence

"We're nothing James we just got partnered up on a project together that's all" Serena said before she turned around and left ...

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