C h a p t e r F o u r

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Serena had woken up in a bed that wasn't hers and was sarrounded by a strangely comforting and familiar sent.

A little groan escaped her lips as she tried to fully open her eyes.

She looked around noticing that the dorm seamed to belong to some gryffindor from the red everywhere and the sunlight coming from the window...
The Slytherin dorm were on the dungeons meaning the were no windows down there.

Suddenly she heard a door swing open and a half naked James potter was now standing in front of her.

He only wore a towel around his waist his whole body dripping wet and droplets falling from his wet hair and travelling down to his toned chest and abs.

"Like what you see" he said , a smirk forming on his lips

"What the hell no , why am in your dorm Potter? " Serena yelled , got off his bed and walked closer to him

"Don't freak out Carrow, we didn't have sex or anything" James replied amused from the whole situation because it was the first time she showed him a different part of her.
She always presented her shelf as calm and confident which there was no dough she was but this was the first time she showed him something else

"Oh I know , I would never do that" Serena said being so close to him that she could feel his breath on her skin

"Never say never Carrow" he replied before closing the gap between them

The kiss didn't last long because Serena pushed him off almost immediately but for one fleeting moment James swore she had kissed him back

Serena spared him on last glance her eyes filled with confusion and walked past him , leaving him stunned but not because of her action but because of his...

She basically ran back to her dorm which was basically empty , her friends were at breakfast and she didn't feel like going to classes today so she decided to call it sick for the day

She sat in her bed still stunned from what happened between her and James.

What gave him the idea that he could kiss her , he couldn't possibly like her when all those years he is so caught up with Evans and she couldn't possibly like him but if she didn't why when he kissed her she felt a strange euphoric feeling in her stomach.

Serena was frustrated trying to sort out what she felt but she just couldn't so she started working on the potions project the one were she supposed to do with James.

The full moon was in five days so she would get done the preparatory work first , then avoid James for five days , find the flower , brew the potion and then she would never have to talk to him again.

It's quite simple she thought.

Ruby and Evelyn entered the dorm finding their friend nervously pacing around , moving ingredients left and right , potions books scattered around the dorm...

"Serena there you are , where were you last night i got worried" Evelyn asked the blonde
"and werent you supposed to do that with Potter?" Ruby added

"I was but then James kissed me" Serena said looking down not bothering to hide the truth from her friend

"And now I'm finishing the project myself so I don't have to talk to him again" she carried on

"What!" both Evelyn and Ruby said in unison

"Wait...wait how's that a bad thing his fit" Ruby said furrowing her eyebrows

"Because I knew I didn't like him and now I'm confused and I certainly know that he doesn't like me because he likes Evans and I am confused because I don't know why he did it!" Serena explained , letting out a breath

"Do you want to talk about it" Evelyn asked seeing how frustrated her friend was over that matter putting her hand comfortingly on her shoulder

"Yeah we're re here for you Serena" Ruby said

"You know what? Why don't we have a girls night so you can take your mind of a bit and tomorrow we will help you finish the potions project, what do you say?" Evelyn said turning to look at the girl

"You guys are the best you know that right" Serena chuckled giving them a little smile

"Oh we know" Ruby said with a cheeky grin , and hugged her blonde friend and soon after Evelyn joined the hug

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