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"Ok baby I'm ready" Zohra said coming out the room looking beautiful than ever.

Today was our first official date and my baby been talking about this poetry slam night that's in town tonight so after dinner I'm taking her there to brighten her evening.

"You look amazing babygirl these are for you" I said smiling big handing her a bouquet of tulips.

I recently found out she likes those too.

"More flowers ugh I love them baby and thank you pa you look handsome as well" she said hugging me with a big smile on her face.

"That's what I love to hear, and thank you let's get outta here" I said kissing her forehead.

"Wait lemme change my flowers out in the kitchen" she said smiling then she turned around and started walking to the kitchen.

"You got panties on" I asked because her ass was just jiggling.

"Yes, why? You can see them" she asked looking at me.

"Nah, I can't see them yo ass just jiggling" I said then she started laughing.

"You been feeding me good" she said changing her flowers out and trashing the dead ones and also replacing the water in the vase.

Wait till we have sex her ass finna be off the wall.

"I see, but baby we got reservations so we need to hurry up" I said then she started smiling.

"Ok, but where we going" she asked washing her hands then she picked up her purse and walked over to me.

"It's a surprise beautiful" I said smiling big.

"Ouuu ok" she said cheesing then I bent down and kissed her.

"I love seeing that beautiful smile" I said cheesing then I unlocked the front door and was met with her two besties.

Oh shit here we go.

"Oh so this why you not answering the phone you with my baby daddy" Tommy said causing Zohra to roll her eyes.

"Tommy he's mine so stop calling him something I already call him" Zo said causing me to smile.

"Oh shit! Bitch you getting dick and didn't feel the need to tell us" India said as we stepped out the house then I locked the front door.

"No I'm not, but guys can we do this another time imma tryna see his surprise" Zo whined grabbing my hand.

"Ok, ok lunch after school tomorrow Tribe you better get my bestie home safely or that's yo ass" Tommy said eyeing me.

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