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"Tribbeee" I whined putting the cover over my head.

"Ma get up I know you tired, but I ain't make breakfast for nothing" he said causing me to poke my head out from underneath the cover.

"Good morning" I said slowly sitting up because my body feels so sore.

"Good morning" he said putting the tray across my lap causing me to cheese.

"Thank you pa" I said then I kissed his cheek.

"You're welcome, but did I do something? You kissing my cheek now" he asked with his eyebrows furrowed.

"No I got morning breath bae" I said then he grabbed my neck like last night and tongued me down.

"Ion care bout that shit" he said then he kissed my lips again.

"Whew you can't be kissing me like that if we ain't got no condoms in here" I said licking my lips then I grabbed an apple slice and put it inside my mouth.

"I'll get some more today, but no regrets from last night, right?" he asked looking at me.

"No regrets at all you took real good care of my body last night" I said smiling then I started rubbing my eyes.

"Good, and ion have none either you made me feel real good as well I ain't know I could moan like that" he said chuckling causing me to laugh.

"This pussy and mouth got some power" I said and he nodded.

"It sure do and imma be the last nigga to know bout it because they both mine" he said putting an emphasis on mine while looking at me.

"Yes daddy" I let out by mistake causing me to cover my mouth.

"Don't be shy you calling me it last night" he said moving my hand then he placed my drink on my tray.

"See the dick already got me crazy" I said then he busted out laughing.

"Nah, fat ma got me crazy" he said causing me to blush.

"As she should" I said then I fed him the other half of my pineapple.


"Bae at this point pick up the phone" I said causing him to roll over and grab his ringing phone.

"Prolly my mama or siblings tryna apologize again" he said then he answered the phone and put it on speaker.


"Yo" he asked cuddling into me causing me to smile because I love when he's clingy.

"That's how you answer the phone for yo gg" a strong accent woman asked.

"Oh shit I ain't know it was you gg I thought it was mama or somebody else" he apologized.

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