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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21 ST, 2021: 2 P.M.

"Pop-pop can you have an extra chair added to the chair next to mine I'm bringing someone with me this year" I said into the phone while I laid on Tribe's bed waiting for him to come home.

"Bringing someone with you" he repeated back to me.

"Yes sir he's my potential partner and I really really like him well I love him and I want you guys to formally meet him" I said honestly.

"Love him?! Oh yea bring him on Thursday me and yo uncles and cousins wanna have a lil chit chat with him" he said causing me to run my hand down my face.

"Don't do too much and scare him away" I said opening and closing my legs in the air because I was honestly bored.

"Mhmm, you having sex" he asked causing me to gasp.

"Pop-pop I'm not answering that" I screeched.

"I was just messing with you love bug" he said laughing causing me to roll my eyes.

"Anyways, I'll talk to you later I love you pop-pop" I said looking at Tribe entering his bedroom with a smirk on his face.

"I love you more baby" he said then I hung up.

"Strip" Tribe said causing me to smirk.

"I'm assuming you got my pictures and text" I said taking off the big shirt I had on leaving my body bare to him.

"I did, come to the edge of the bed and open your legs just like they was in that picture" he said as he pulled off his shirt then he kicked off his slides.

Tribe was away hanging with his boys and I was in the house bored for a couple hours so about thirty minutes ago I got bold and sent him some nudes and some risky texts..to get him home faster and look it worked.

"Ok daddy" I said moving to the edge of the bed then I spread my legs wide exposing all of me.

"Zo if you wanna be walking correctly for Thanksgiving you gotta stop teasing me ma because you don't know how bad I just wanna fuck you" he said standing in between my legs then he licked two fingers and began circling them on my pussy.

"Mmm how bad you wanna fuck me daddy" I asked biting my lips.

I loved when he used his bedroom voice with me shit mad me go crazy.

"So bad" he said then he dipped those fingers inside of me causing me to moan.

"Fuck..What you wanna do to me daddy" I asked now playing with my nipples.

"I wanna have you screaming moaning my name while I kill yo guts from behind then when I'm done me and fat ma gone have us a lil meeting" he said then he reached in his sweats and took his erection and spit on his hand and started stroking himself.

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