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"Are you still giving me the silent treatment, Ghost?"

Woof. Woof.

"Yea, I'm not sure what this is all about, but that's on the list of things I need to figure out," I shrug.

"Are you ready, Freya?!" Talia shouts.

"Coming!" I shout as I grab my bag.

"I'm so nervous about the test today." Talia breathes as I make my way down the stairs.

"You're usually the calm one."

"I know!" she whines, as we begin our walk to where the test for Magic 101 will be held today, in the auditorium.

"So, did Professor Luna recommend you to take both of the tests?"

"She said based on my assessment, she could tell that the magic portion would be the best fit for me. Professor Luna doesn't make students take both tests. It kind of defeats the point of the assessments in the first place."

"Well, she told me that because of my rare situation and lack of knowledge on all things magic, she recommends that I take both tests."

"Maybe you'll do so well on the magic portion of the test. You won't have to do both?"

"I don't see that happening, but thanks for the vote of confidence." I smile.

"I mean, how bad can you possibly do?" she questions.

"Girl, let's not even go there."

"After you." Talia points to a pair of wooden doors with frosted windows that make it hard to see through. The walk went by quickly today since my mind is filled with different ways I could fail both of the assessments. Slowly opening the doors, I find a spot with two empty seats towards the back, wanting to be as far away as I can from her line of sight. I'm not ready to make a fool of myself just yet. I want to observe what everyone else is doing first. Not that I'll become a magical genius by staring at everyone for a few minutes.

"Good afternoon, class. Today is the day everyone has been waiting for. Time for the spell portion. I will choose everyone alphabetically by your last name." I could kiss that woman! Thank you, father for the last name, Smoak.

"Does anyone have questions before we begin?" Silence.

"Well then, I'm going to be asking everyone to turn this pencil into a feather. Next, you have to turn the feather back into a pencil."

Professor calls the students, one at a time, each taking turns transforming the pencil into a feather.

It isn't a big auditorium, about one hundred people could easily fit. The red velvet seats are surprisingly comfortable. The stage upfront is where everyone will show off their magical skills, or lack thereof.

Some students have a hard time turning the feather back. They need a moment, but eventually; they turn it back to a pencil. No one has failed the task, yet, but then I haven't had my turn yet.

"Natalia Hope Marshall."

She stands up and quickly makes her way towards the stage.

"Turn the pencil into a feather and then back."

She stands up tall and takes a deep breath. Her eyes flutter close and her hand hovers just above the pencil. There is now a feather where the pencil once was. She takes another deep breath, and it's back to a pencil. She makes it look easy.

"Great job, Natalia."

"Thanks." she smiles and goes back to her seat.

"That was amazing, Talia!"

"Oh, I'm sure you'll do great, too. Just take a deep breath and imagine the pencil turning to a feather."

"I don't know how helpful that will be, but thanks for the much-needed advice."

"Vera Monroe, come on down," directs Professor Luna.

She struts to the front and center of the stage, her head held high, not faltering for a second.

"Turn that pencil to a feather and then back." Professor Luna reminds her.

"So, is she like any good at magical?"

"Her parents are basically royal. They put her in every class growing up. She is good at everything."

"Well, that explains why she's such an entitled bitch."

"As much as I dislike her, she is one of the most powerful girls in this school. So try not to get on her bad side." Talia continues.

"Girl, I got on her bad side as soon as she laid her eyes on me."

"Okay, I'm ready," Vera tells the Professor.

She radiates such confidence just standing there. She takes a deep breath and transforms all the pencils in the classroom into a feather.

"What a show-off.." Talia whispered to me.

They quickly turn back to a pencil.

"Maybe I wasn't clear in my instructions, but regardless, well done. I'm very impressed. You may go have a seat now."

"Freya Smoak, com on down."

I slowly get off of my chair and walk up to the stage. I sweat rolls down my forehead. Some students look at me, annoyed. I didn't even do anything yet.

"Turn that pencil in front of you into a feather."

I try to replicate what I've seen everyone do. Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath. I raise my hand and open my eyes. Nothing.

"It's okay, Freya, try again," says Professor Luna.

I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and raise both of my hands. Hoping something happened, I open my eyes, but it's a pencil.

I hear giggles. I turn my head to see Vera and Nimue snickering.

"What's a stupid human doing in a school full of magic?" The snickers and giggles continue.

"That's enough class!" Professor Luna states firmly. "Meet me after class, Freya. You may have a seat now."

"I'll meet you by your car," I tell Talia as I head towards Professor Luna.

"Hello, Freya. Headmistress Lilith would like to speak to you. And one more thing, would you want to come a bit early before class next time and practice some spells? I don't want you to fall behind," she asks me.

"I would appreciate the help! When would Headmistress Lilith like to see me?" I reply.

"I'll talk to Lilith and have my owl send you a letter with the details regarding the time and place.

"Thanks." I smile. When has my life become so complicated?

 When has my life become so complicated?

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