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"Tribe my boy how you been" my jeweler Marcel asked dapping me up.

"I've been good man, but I ain't gone be good if my baby ring ain't done" I said looking at him.

"Trust me it's done lemme go get it from the back" he said causing me to nod.

Yup, today is the day I ask Zohra to be mine officially I know she's in her head thinking I'm never gonna ask her, but the truth is I've been planning this night since the first date.

My dad told me once you find the one you'll feel every emotion they feel but ten times worse if they're down and when they're up you'll feel like you can touch the moon, corny as it may sounds but I feel like that with Zohra.

I just feel so connected with her and I never want to let her go or let her down I want to be the best man for her because my baby deserves it and everything else.

The day of Thanksgiving after dinner me and her pop-pop talked one on one and I let him know about my plans for today and he was on board 100 percent and that just made me feel even better about this because I know how much her grandparents approval matters to her even though she doesn't voice it.

Right now she's currently out with her friends getting pampered and it's all on me of course because one thing my baby ain't gotta worry bout it paying for shit.

"Here's the ring" Marcel said interrupting my thoughts.

"Damn man you did it again its perfect, thank you" I said smiling big then he put the ring back inside the box

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"Damn man you did it again its perfect, thank you" I said smiling big then he put the ring back inside the box.

"You're welcome my friend I know whoever gets it is real special because you never ask me to make rings for women" he said putting the ring box in a paper bag with his shop name on it after he rung it up.

"She's very special" I said tapping my card on the reader and once it said approved I put it back inside my wallet and put it in my pocket.

"Call me when you need me again" he said handing me the bag.

"I will" I said grabbing the bag then I headed out the shop.

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