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Luna, age 15

"I'm gonna miss you." Samantha says as we hug one more time. "Me too, but it'll be okay, you'll make more friends but I better be your best friend for ever." I say making her laugh.

"Of course you will always be number one luv." Sam says holding her pinky out. I Interwine mine and hers together One last time.

I look over to his house and see there are no cars In the driveway

Where is he.

I let out a sigh and turn to Anthony, "gonna miss you Lu." He says with a sad smile. I playfully roll my eyes "such a liar. As soon as I leave you'll find a better gossip partner." He shakes his head no "oh how dare you." He says dramatically.

I let out a laugh and hug him. "Don't worry he'll show up." He whispers.  I slowly nod my head.

"Wish I could go to the airport with you Lu." My twin brother Luca says. "it's ok, You have a competition to get too, you'll do great, and before you say it yes, I'm being nice and no you can't have my room." He gives me a dead pan look and flips me off. I gasp and yell "momm luc-" I'm not able to finish because he puts his hand on my mouth making everything else come out like a muffled noise.

I narrow my eyes at him and slap his hand away. He lets out happily sigh "finally an only child." He says putting his hands to his heart." "Ugh whatever" I say tears starting to form in my eyes.

He gives me a look and engulfs me into a hug "you'll be okay hermanita (little sister) show those Peru people who they are messing with" we break our hug apart and I nod "I'll try, and let's do our handshake before I leave." I say and we do our cool twin handshake.

"Also don't call me little sister I'm actually two minutes older than you!" I say pinching his arm making him yell. My dad lets out a chuckle.

"Got to drive your brother to his Soccer competition, but just know I love you and if you ever need anything I'm a call away, and a plane ticket from Peru to." My dad says winking. I let out a chuckle "yes sirrr."

"Alright Luna time to go." My mom says as she puts her hand on my shoulder. I look at my phone and see I have zero notifications for him.

"Alright let's go." I say as I get in the car.  We drive for an hour and me and my mom just talk about all the fun adventures I can make in Peru.

"Just remember Luna, if a girl hits you hit her back." My mom says as we get my suitcases out of the car. I give her a confused look "umm ok then." I say as I take my glasses off and clean the frames.

We go through security and we take a seat all we do now is wait for my plane to be called. About 30 minutes pass and they give us the call our plane will be boarding.

I stand up and so does my mom. "I love you, and don't worry Ace might just be late." She says hugging me and kissed the top of my head.

I just shrug "I don't know mom." "Hey hey you're a very beautiful girl and such a strong one too." She says with a smile.

I give her one last hug and start walking to the desk to board my plane.

I'm next in line when I hear my name being yelled. I look around and a huge smile appears on my face when I see Ace running over here. 

I move my stuff to the side and start jogging to where he is.

Hold up! How did they let him enter this far?

Once he catches up to me he is out of breath "I- I'm sorry I didn't make it at your house, our coach didnt let us out and I didn't have my watch and th-" I cut him off by going on my tipie toes hugging him tightly.

I hate him for being taller than me

"It's okay, at least you came." I say. it takes him a second to hug me back once he does he buries his face on the crook of my neck.  "Last call for flight 24B" the attendee says

I let go of him and he take a deep breath "don't forget me, Luna"

Why would he say that?

"You know even if I tried I could never." I say back.

He lets out a chuckle and says "let's not pull a Grayson and Everest." I let out a laugh and so does my Mom "hey hey in my defense it was all her dad's fault." She says ruffling Ace's hair.

He pulls me in for one last hug.

"See you in two years."


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