chapter 1 | football boys

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Luna | two years later

"Wow It's so good to be back" I say as I step down the airplane as I play with a bracelet that his been on my wrist for almost 3 years.

"Mom, dad!" I yell and start waving at them as I walk into the waiting area.

This plane ride was the death of me.

"Luna!" They yell back as they start walking towards me.

I engulf them in a hug, "I'm so glad you're back luv." My mom says giving me a kiss on my forehead.

"I'm even happier than your mom" my dad says ruffling my hair.

I let a laugh "I missed y'all so much and even Luca." I say putting my hair up in a messy bun.

"Talking about me, ouch." My twin brother Luca says behind me.

I turn around and roll my eyes "such a loser." I say giving him a hug. "I missed you so much Lulu, so much that I didn't get your room." He says jokingly.

I narrow my eyes at him "I will kill you if you switched rooms with me." I say as my dad grabs my suitcases and we all start walking out the airport.

"Nah don't worry, your mom made sure to not let him touch anything." My dad says chuckling.

"You've changed so much, like the face time calls are so different compared to you in person. Like you're way taller than before and you don't wear your glasses." Luca says in all one breath.

I let out a laugh "well I was gone for two years which explains my height, and every time we called it was night time, so I would wear my glasses and in the daytime I wear my eye contacts, dumbass. oh and I don't have braces anymore." I say back showing him my teeth.

He rolls his eyes "whatever, not fair mom and dad got to go to Peru for your stupid teeth." I just shrug "well what can I say I'm the favorite child."

Luca just looks at me and flips me off.

Sometimes I wonder how this kid is seventeen.

I think it's because he hangs out with Chris and Marcus a lot!

I let out a happy sigh once we reach outside. The smell of Texas and Peru are two very different things.

"Can we talk about how you have an accent now!" Luca says as we get into our truck.

"Well I was in a whole other country for two years." I remind him letting out a yawn.

"I bet you're jet lagged huh." My mom says putting on her seatbelt.

I nod my head "mhmm, it's barely 6pm here" I say laying my head against the window.

"Well we can talk later on in the day or even tomorrow, mija (daughter)" my mom says reassuring me.

"Ok love y'all." I say and that's the last thing I do before sleep consumes me.

♡ ♡ ♡

"Alright bye mom!" Is the first thing I hear once I wake up.

I let out groan and slowly sit up.

Wait when did we get home?

I look around and smile at my room.

With my purple led lights and green vines hanging around my room.

Basic? Yes and I don't care.

I let out a yawn and get up to go to my restroom.

Thank god I don't have to unpack anything.

I turn the faucet on and wash my face. I go to my closet and find some Nike shorts and a sports bra.

I feel like going out for a run.

Something I've gotten used to is running in the mornings it makes me feel more energized, might just be me.

After I change i grab my running shoes and put my hair up in a ponytail and go downstairs.

"Well the princess finally woke up." My mom lets out a chuckle as she pours her coffee in her cup.

I playfully roll my eyes "yeah yeah good morning to you too." I say grabbing my waterbottle.

"Is it okay if I go for a run?" I ask as I eat one of the strawberries on her plate.

"Mhm your dad and I are going to the store to grab some stuff because your brother invi-" shes cut off by my dad yelling.

"Good morning Lulu! What a wonderful Saturday" I let out a laugh "good morning dear father."

"But I'll get going because I want to go back up into my lovely bed, so peace!" I say waking away holding up a piece sign.

As I walk out a smile graces my face.

Nothing much has changed expect now we have more houses around us.

As I'm about to begin I look to the house right beside us.

Ace. Ace Evans.

Can't wait to see him.

I'm being sarcastic by the way!

I let out a sigh and start a timer on my watch and start my run.

♡ ♡ ♡

As I walk up to my house I look down at my watch and heck yeah!

3 miles complete.

As I'm about to walk in I notice more cars in my driveway.


Samantha and Anthony aren't supposed to be here until later since she is at gymnastics practice and he has football practice with my brother.

I just shrug and go inside.

As I enter my house I'm hit with the nice cool air and go straight to the kitchen.

"I'm back!" I yell and my dad yells "ok sweetie we're going to the backyard."

I pull my hair down and put it into a messy bun cause a lot of the hairs are sticking to the back of my neck and I hate it.

I was thinking about changing but right now these shorts are too comfy to change out of.

I put my AirPods in and start humming to the song
"love; by Keshia Cole "

I honestly don't notice anything as I move and dance around until my song is over and I hear a low whistle and someone say;

"So this is your sister?"

I literally pause and slowly turn around as I see almost all of the football boys in nothing but swim trunks and sunglasses.

"Umm hey?" I say awkwardly

Well done Luna. well done.


hopefully you enjoyed:))

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