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SATURDAY, MAY 11TH, 2024: 5:30 P.M.

"Good evening to all students, friends, and families that are here with us to celebrate all the students of the graduating class of 2024" Dr. Maranda Simmons the dean of Dell Medical school said into the mic erupting cheers from the crowd.

"These students have worked so hard these past four years and all I have to say is I know it's gonna be worth it in the long run all those sleepless nights and long days will be worth it as you step into the real world to do what you studied and have a passion to do, help others" she said looking up
from her paper time to time.

"I know y'all already looking around and asking when she's gonna start and I'm about to start right now because as y'all can see we have a lot of students to get through tonight" she said causing the building to be filled with laughter.

"She damn right and it's hot as hell too" pop-pop said fanning himself and his wife.

"We gone be doing this just like a high school graduation we'll be calling each student up in alphabetical order until we reach the end" she said then her secretary came up with the list of the students' names.

Fixing her hair while looking in her small compact mirror, Zohra was so ready to walk across the stage so she can start her new life in California with her friends and family.

Yes, she loved Texas but it was so many bad memories and ill feelings in this state and she was just ready for a new start.

These past two years she took every lost as a lesson and used that to better herself and evolve into a stronger woman that everyone surrounding her and herself fell in love with.

She finally found herself.

"Bestie you look good stop looking in the mirror" India said looking back at her best friend with a big smile.

"You know I gotta look good walking across the stage" she said smiling.

"And you look good all the time" India said causing her bestie to cheese.

"Thank you, so do you" she said blowing her a kiss then India blew one back and turned around.

Sitting a few rows back with the W's, Tribe exhaled a large breath.

He finally did it! He finally did it for himself and his brother.

Growth, that would describe Tribe's past two years. He grew and learned from a lot of things and he just used those lessons as fertilizer now he's strong and too has evolved.

Mistakes, arguments, good days, and breakdowns all made an appearance in the past two years of his life, but instead of letting bad days define him he used those to better him which he never did in the past and that's what we call growth.

He finally found himself.

An hour has pass and we're finally to the S's and Zohra is up next.

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