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SUNDAY, MAY 26TH, 2024: 3 P.M.

"Baby get what you want." I said laughing at Zohra.

"I don't want it to be too much." She whined then I sucked my teeth.

"What Nicki said? My money is very fucking long." I said then she busted out laughing along with the others.

"See this nigga be on TikTok more than me bih." Carlos said with an arm full of clothes Shantel wants.

"Yup, me and my baby be watching it together." I said smiling big.

"Ok, are you sure I can get what I want?" She asked looking at me.

"Yes, babydoll. Get whatever you'd like I don't care about the price." I said then I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her.

"Terrell leave me alone." India said emerging from the clothing racks.

"India, Lord. I'm trying to be calm, but you finna make me fuck yo ass up. Fix yo attitude." He said softly.

"Gotti." Tommy said laughing then India tried to throw something at him.

"I want the outfit though." India whined.

"They don't have yo size mama. You know what lemme call my connect to see if they got yo size." he said pulling out his phone.

"Why did we create spoil brats?" Zion asked then me and my boys shrugged.

"I ain't a brat. I just get what I want and if I don't get it then we gotta problem. Blame pop-pop." Majesty said shrugging while holding up a shirt against her chest.

"Get it baby. You'd look good in that." Zion said cheesing.

"Ok, imma take you onna date so I can wear it out." She grinned then she kissed him on the lips.

"Ok, I want these in all the colors." she said posting to a boot and purse set.

" she said posting to a boot and purse set

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"Alright, lemme go find the man. Go pick out you some outfits." I said kissing her.

"Ok." She said blushing.

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