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SUNDAY, JUNE 30TH, 2024: 6 P.M

"Umm, have y'all heard from the boys today? Tribe hasn't been answering his phone since he got to the spot." I asked, looking up from my phone.

"Nah, but who banging on your door like the police." Tommy asked, mugging then I got up.

"I don't know, but it better be my husband." I said, swinging the door opened then I screamed.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BABY?!" I asked, immediately bursting into tears seeing Tribe's bloody clothes and busted lip then the rest of the guys looked the same.

"Zo wh-.. OMG ZION YOUR FACE!" Majesty was about to ask, but then she saw Zion's swollen face.

"Mama." He called out weakly.

"Baby, what happened." I cried, walking up to him then I lifted his shirt and saw a deep wound.

"Why didn't y'all take him to the fucking hospital, huh?!" I asked, balling my fist up while looking at boys.

"He didn't wanna go. He said, bring him to his wife." Mike answered, holding him up along with Carlos.

"Baby, help me." He said, softly while his eyes dropped.

"No, no, no. Keep your eyes opened, baby and talk to me, ok? I gotchu, I'm not going to let anything happen to you. Guys bring him to the health room, please." I said, pulling my hair out of my face then I rushed down the hall to the room me and Tribe have set up to practice on medical dummies.

"Why does this always happen to me?" I cried out while scrubbing my hands with the soap bar then I dried my hands and pulled out all my medical instruments then I put on my gloves.

"Where you want him?" Durk asked, with teary eyes.

"This one, and can you guys please leave us alone for awhile. Umm, and tell the girls they can go in the guest bathroom to find more medical supplies." I said, then they nodded placing him on the table.

"Ok." Mike said then they left out and closed the door.

"Baby." I called out.

"Hmm, princess?" He asked, as I cut his shirt open with the scissors.

"What happened?" I asked, looking inside of the cut and noticing pieces of debris inside of it.

"Got into a fight mama and the fuck nigga stabbed me." He groaned, putting an arm over his forehead.

"With who? What's his name?" I asked, grabbing the cleansing solution to flush the area and he didn't even wince.

"Kareem, someone from my past but he gone be dead soon." He said, in a muffled tone.

"Stay with me baby. I'm almost done, what he did in the past?" I asked.

"When Ty died and the news spread that he liked boys and the way he died passed around he went on the internet talking bout my brother deserved to die because he was a faggot and allat this other bullshit, so I made a promise to myself if I ever saw him again I was gone kill him with my bare hands. Fuck, bae." He said, then he winced as the thread closed his skin together.

"I'm sorry, but go on." I said, looping the thread through the needle and starting another stitch.

"When I saw him I tried to kill him so I'm beating his ass, then my vision blurred and I saw you crying in front of my prison cell while holding a baby wrapped up and the face covered so I froze and that's when he stabbed me and pushed the blade down until I stopped him." He explained, then more tears fell from my eyes.

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