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FRIDAY, JULY 19TH, 2024: 11 A.M.

"What?" I said, looking around at everyone.

"Ty isn't dead." Detective Bill, repeated causing my heart to break as I heard my fiancé's cries.

"Boopie, come on. Get up." I said, standing up from my seat then he stood up looking at me with a red face as tears continued to fall.

"Bathroom? Where's the nearest bathroom?" I asked, looking at the Detective as tears began flowing down my face as well.

"Out this door and it'll be the second one to the left, ppp i'm please don't leave we have so much to discuss." He said, then I nodded.

"I just need some alone time with him, we'll be back." I said, exiting the room following his directions.

Opening the single bathroom, I entered the room with him turning on the light then I shut and locked the door behind us. Jumping up on the counter, I opened up my arms for him then he came over and laid his head on my chest as I rubbed his head.

There's nothing I could say to ease his mind nor his heart, all I could do was hold him and wait until
he was ready.

"B-baby." He cried, choking over his words while his tears soaked my shirt.

"Shh, not until you're ready baby. Not until you're ready." I said, softly while kissing his forehead repeatedly.


His cries finally calmed, then he lifted his head off my chest and looked at me with the darkest eyes. It was nothing lustful about the stare, it was pure hatred.

"I'm going to fucking kill them." He said, so darkly causing more tears to fall from my eyes.

"No baby, please. We need you, you can't." I said, looking at him then his face softened then more tears left his eyes.

"I know baby, I'm sorry. I just hate them." He said, with instant guilt.

"Don't apologize, all your feelings and thoughts are reasonable expect for the killing part." I said, then he wiped my face then I wiped his.

"Ok." He said, taking a deep breath.

"Ready to do this, together?" I asked, squeezing his hand then he gave me a faint smile.

"Yes, together. I love you." He said, kissing my lips softly.

"I love you too." I said, as he helped me off the counter then he opened up the door and grabbed my hand.

Entering the room, his parents were still lightly sobbing to themselves as we emerged from the door taking our same seats across from them.

"Tri-." His mother started, but was quickly cut off.

"Shut the fuck up, I don't want to hear shit y'all have to say. Especially you, ma! I was just crying on the phone to you how much I missed my fucking brother and you had the knowledge of him being alive this whole time, while I cried. And pops, you a fucking bitch I'm so glad I never became no punk ass nigga like you. How the fuck y'all gone do this to me, huh? What the fuck did I do to make y'all stoop this low and bring all this pain in my life, huh?" He snapped, waiting for their response.

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