𝒊𝒊𝒊. A master thief

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chapter three

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chapter three. a master thief

As Sunday night approached, Felicia had everything planned out perfectly.

She knew exactly what to do and how she was going to do it, and soon enough Felicia Hardy was going to be filthy rich.

But more importantly, Felicia was going to show her father that she could do what he did.

Walter Hardy had gone to prison nearly ten years ago, leaving Felicia with a sick and dying mother at the age of seven. It was only a matter of time before Lydia Hardy succumbed to cancer and left little Felicia all alone. So then it was foster care, and Felicia only began acting worse. Her behavior became deceitful and manipulative, the girl learning how to get away with things all while batting her eyes to feign innocence.

Felicia had learned these things from her father, whose life of crime was her main inspiration. Walter was a world-renowned cat burglar, even hired by infamous supervillains to steal things from maximum security places.

Even from a young age, Felicia knew the things her father did. Her version of bedtime stories were Walter's tales of his heists, a rather odd upbringing but nonetheless it made for no dull moments.

Walter did not know what Felicia was planning, but she knew that he would be beyond proud when he saw what she brought home. For Felicia, it was go big or go home.

In her bedroom, Felicia zipped up her suit, black Spandex intertwined with carbon fiber that made it flexible and hard to tear. She had made a mask to go over her eyes, simple black leather that she would adhere to her face to guarantee it would not slip off. The gloves were the pieces she was proudest of, however. With a simple flex of her fingers, she could produce retractable steel claws that could withstand heavy pressure. They made for good weapons if needed.

From her doorway came a meow, Felicia looking over to see her cat Sebastian entering her room. He was a beautiful black Bombay cat that had just shown up at the Hardy's apartment complex one day. Felicia took a liking to him and decided to keep him, and eventually decided that he would be inspiration for her alter ego.

"Tonight's the big night, Sebastian," she said, reaching down to scratch his chin. "I'm gonna get you a diamond encrusted collar, buddy."

Felicia smiled, walking over to her mirror. There was one last thing she wanted to add to her suit, something that would help keep her identity concealed. With her dark locks pinned up tightly, Felicia picked a wig off of a mannequin head and placed it on her own, securing the platinum blonde hair on. She tugged on the wig, making sure it would not come off. Once she was sure, Felicia pulled the wig up into a high ponytail, leaving some strands out in the front.

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