𝒗. Revenge plot

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chapter five

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chapter five. revenge plot

Felicia felt so stupid.

Peter had taken her by surprise and thrown her off tremendously with his reveal of being Spider-Man.

So much so that she foolishly decided to give him the necklace, and all that it was worth.

She had stolen some other things from the store, sure, but none with as great a value as that diamond. God, Felicia wanted to throw something.

More so angry with herself, Felicia kept letting it eat away at her. How could she have been so stupid? Her father never would have done something like that.

Felicia had shown her father her trophy a few days prior, explaining to him in detail how she had obtained the Tiffany Diamond. Walter was impressed, at first, then brushed her off.

"Anybody can steal a necklace, Fe," he had told her. "Steal some government files and then show me that."

Felicia had suddenly begun to feel as if this were all for nothing. There had been a lump in her throat for two days now, and she supposed that was part of the reason why she gave that necklace back to Spider-Man. Peter. Whoever.

Her head was spinning and she was still reeling from the thought of Peter Parker being Spider-Man. That dorky, stupidly cute boy was the same one that had been the only person able to catch her in the act of her heist?

Quite frankly, it pissed her off.

Peter was made aware of this at school the day after she had returned the necklace, Felicia barely glancing at him or even acknowledging him for that matter. His face fell as she slammed her locker shut beside his and walked away without a word. Had he done something wrong?

"Maybe she failed her French test," Ned suggested as he and Peter stood side by side in shop class, examining the foreign object Peter had snagged from the van guys a few days prior.

Peter frowned, cutting his eyes at Ned. "C'mon. She's smarter than that."

"So you think."

Looking over at Ned, Peter slightly narrowed his eyes. "What is that supposed to mean?"

Ned glanced around, raising his shoulders slightly before replying in a low voice, "I think Felicia seems a little shady."

Peter immediately scoffed. "What? Why?"

"I don't know, man, something just seems off about her," Ned shook his head, Peter seeing that he was completely serious.

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