𝒊𝒗. Touché

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chapter four

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chapter four. touché

Peter heard footsteps approaching his apartment door before there was even a knock, racing to beat Aunt May to it.

"I got it!" he called as there was a knock on the door, Aunt May giving Peter a strange look from the kitchen.

"Who is it? Ned?" she asked.

Peter opened the door, Felicia standing there with a French textbook in her arms and a smile on her face.

"Hey Peter Parker. Thanks for having me."

He nodded at least ten times before saying something. "Y-Yeah, of course. Come in."

Peter stepped aside and allowed Felicia inside, Aunt May walking out of the kitchen and raising her eyebrows.

"Oh, you're not Ned. Hi there. I'm May, I'm Peter's Aunt," she offered a hand, to which Felicia shook.

"Felicia. I'm a classmate of Peter's. I really needed some help with this French class."

May gave Peter a side glance and a knowing smile, Peter looking away with an eye roll.

"Oh, Peter will be great help then. He knows how to do all of that stuff," she waved a hand.

Felicia laughed a little, looking over at Peter. "I still can't believe he convinced me to join the academic decathlon team."

May threw out a hand. "Oh, you seem like a smart girl. I don't see why you wouldn't."

Smiling again, Felicia felt Peter nudge her gently toward his bedroom. He was clearly trying to get May to cut the chitchat.

"We should probably get to studying," Peter said, clearing his throat. Felicia followed him toward the door, May turning and making eye contact with Peter.

She gave him a thumbs up, Peter swatting at her with a shake of his head. He shut his bedroom door, Aunt May smiling again.

"That's your aunt?" Felicia remarked, looking around Peter's room and then turning back to him. "She's– young."

Peter rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah. I love her, even though she can be kinda... smothering."

Felicia chuckled, flopping down on Peter's bed. "I think I'd take smothering over absent any day," she muttered.

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