𝒗𝒊. Not one to fight crime

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chapter six

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chapter six.     not one to fight crime

        "You– you're– why?"

Peter lifted his mask over his head, pulling it off completely and staring at Felicia with a dozen different emotions behind his eyes.

"I figured it was only fair to show you who I was since you showed me," Felicia replied, curtly shrugging. "Sorry if this ruins things."

She didn't sound very apologetic. Peter was unsure how to feel. He was shocked, hurt, and somewhat betrayed. The girl he had already fallen head over heels for was a criminal?

Peter licked his lips, eyes trailing to the ground for a moment. He drew in a sharp breath, meeting her eyes.

"I-I don't understand. Why would you steal all of this stuff?"

Felicia gazed at him nonchalantly. "Because it's fun."

Before Peter could reply, she continued, "And because some of us had to learn how to steal in order to survive. I didn't exactly get the privilege of a normal childhood."

Peter studied her as she took a few aimless steps, frowning. He wasn't quite sure what to do or say.

"Felicia..." he swallowed, dropping his head. "You've got superhuman abilities. How?"

She had her back turned to him, the girl contemplating whether or not to tell him the truth. Felicia's hand curled around the satellite tower, swinging herself around to face Peter again.

"My dad's been involved with some really dangerous people. People that have a lot more power and influence than you'd think. Last summer I was sort of... on the run, and I was staying at one of these really dangerous people's places. They told me that if I wanted to stay, I was gonna have to contribute. Since they knew I was a good thief, they gave me some things to enhance those abilities. I'm still not quite sure what all I'm capable of, if I'm being honest."

She leaned against the satellite tower, Peter taking this information in. He felt like she was telling the truth.

"I think that you could use your abilities for good, though," he finally said, a hopeful tone in his voice. "We could be partners."

Felicia laughed, tilting her head. "C'mon, Peter. I'm not one to fight crime. I'm more likely to commit it."

Peter's shoulders dropped dejectedly, shaking his head a little. "You do what you do for a reason, right? You steal things because you feel like it's how you have to survive. What about people that steal things from others that don't deserve it? You don't want to help make it right?"

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