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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5th, 2024: 1 A.M.

"Hey, boopie." Zo called out, causing me to sit up in the uncomfortable chair they had placed in the room.

I should've brought a blow up bed.

"Yes, my love?" I asked, grabbing her hand.

My baby has been in active labor since 8 o'clock and it's now 1 a.m., and she's only 4 centimeters dilated and she needs to be 10.

"Let's not tell anyone we're having the babies, let's just FaceTime them with the babies." She said, causing me to nod.

"Whatever you wish, how are you feeling?" I asked, wiping her forehead.

"Same as before. I really want them out of me. Like why do I have to wait till I'm 10 centimeters dilated to get them out, when I had to wait 9 months to even get the chance to push them out." She rambled, as I just looked at her like she was crazy.

"Girl, what?" I asked, then she busted out laughing.

"I don't know baby, I just want to meet Kaelem and Arris." She said, causing me to cheese at the names we picked out.

Personally I never heard anyone with our baby names, and once we started using them frequently we just fell in love with them and just knew they were meant for our boys.

"Me too, my little kings." I said, then she started crying.

Here we go.

"Ugh, I hate being so emotional. I just know you're gonna be a great dad." She said, then I wiped her face and bent down and kissed her.

"Thank you, you're gonna be an amazing mother. Your eyes are drooping though baby, get some sleep." I said, and all she did was nod and close her eyes.


"You're doing so well, one more push." The Doctor encouraged.

"UGHHH!" Zohra screamed, then I heard soft cries.

"Kaelum, he's here baby! He's here, good job baby." I praised, looking in between her legs then I cut the cord.

"My baby!" She cried, sitting up a little more.

"You still have one more." The doctor said, then her face scrunched up.

"UGGGHH!" She screamed, then I heard another set of baby cries.

Damn, 45 seconds apart.

"Arris." I said softly, while tears ran down my face as I cut the last and final cord.

Looking at my babies they were both healthy and letting the whole hospital know that they have entered the world with their roaring cries.

"Thank you, thank you. I love you." I said, over and over while kissing Zo's hand.

"No, thank you. I love you more." She smiled, with a tear stained face as well.


THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8th, 2024: 3 P.M.

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