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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10th, 2024: 1 P.M.

"Zohra soon to be fucking Washington, why the hell have you been ignoring my fucking phone calls?" Majesty asked, yelling as soon as I picked up the phone.

"Well hello sister, nice of you to acknowledge my soon to be last name. Doesn't it sound so exquisite?" I asked, causing Tribe to laugh.

"Oh, he there too? Tribe why the hell you haven't been answering your funky ass phone either?? Is my babies ok?" She asked, talking at a thousand words a second.

"Hey sisterrrrrr!" He dragged out, causing me to laugh.

"Y'all two just some giggly motherfuckers today, huh?" She asked, causing our laughs to deepen.

"Stop playing with my baby y'all, what's going on? We was about to send out the police for a wellness check if y'all ain't answer just now." Zion said, then we smiled.

"Yes, we're good and your nephews are good too. They asleep right now." I said, then the phone line went quiet.

"Huh? Zohra I know you not doing drugs, how the hell you know they sleeping when they still inside of you?" She asked, then I looked down at my babies and cheesed.

"Because they right here in the bed with us." Tribe answered, then they both started screaming.

"OH MY GOODNESS ANSWER THE FACETIME RIGHT NOW!" Majesty screamed, then I picked up the phone and flipped the camera.

"OH MY GOODNESS ANSWER THE FACETIME RIGHT NOW!" Majesty screamed, then I picked up the phone and flipped the camera

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"OH MY GOODNESS! I'm fucking crying right now, when did you give birth?" She said, while wiping her eyes.

"A couple days ago they were born on the 5th. My little handsome men." I said, cheesing.

"Wow, they look like a mixture of both of y'all. Congratulations." Zion said, smiling.

"Thank you, brother." Tribe said.

"How are you? Did you birth vaginally? You still bleeding?" Majesty asked, and that's when Zion walked out and dismissed himself causing me to laugh.

"I'm doing great, first few days were rough but my baby helped me out a lot. Yes, I did give birth vaginally and to my surprise I didn't tear not one bit and I think that's because of the amount of okra water I consumed. Sadly, yes I'm still bleeding and I guess that's what I get for having my shit knocked off for nine months." I answered, while Tribe looked at me with a smirk.

"Why you looking at me like that, boopie?" I asked, smiling at him.

"Because I knocked yo shit off for nine months." He said, causing me to laugh.

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