Chapter 3: Principle

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Chapter 3


The grand chamber of Chaos's celestial castle lay before them as Perseus led the way inside. Its imposing walls and high-vaulted ceiling whispered of ages past, a place of significance and gravitas. The air seemed to buzz with an unspoken energy as small spheres of white flames illuminated the architecture.

Perseus, a vivacious and radiant presence in this hallowed space, couldn't contain his excitement. He moved with a youthful exuberance, his footsteps echoing through the chamber's expanse. "This," he exclaimed, his voice filled with wonder, "this is where it all begins, where the council shall be founded!"

Phanes and Gaea exchanged curious glances and approached Perseus, intrigued by his words. "What do you speak of, Perseus?" Phanes inquired, his lighter voice resonating with almost paternal warmth.

With his mismatched eyes shining like supernovas, Perseus beamed with enthusiasm as he embarked on his explanation. "Listen, Brother Phanes. It's like a grand gathering of everyone, a place where decisions are made and where the most important matters of the cosmos are deliberated upon. It's like a council!"

Phanes and Gaea turned their gaze towards Chaos, their eyes reflecting the prying of owls. Chaos met their inquisitive looks with a knowing smile that carried the wisdom of countless ages. "I taught him the word," she confessed, nodding her head.

Undaunted by the growing confusion, Perseus continued his animated narration. "And I made a grand castle."

Now thoroughly confused, Phanes furrowed his brow. "A castle, you say? Your imagination knows no bounds, young one."

Chaos stepped in to clarify, a fondness in her clashing of violet and ultramarine blue eyes as she looked at her son. "Perseus created a very impressive palace earlier, using the very Earth and stars themselves as his medium."

Phanes's initial bewilderment slowly gave way to a weariness that eventually settled into a warm, genuine smile as he grasped the concept. "Ah, I see now. So, it's like your very own haven, a place you can call home?"

Nodding with infectious enthusiasm, Perseus pointed his finger at his oldest brother. "Yes, Phanes, precisely! My palace!"

Phanes couldn't help but feel a surge of curiosity. "May I have the honor of visiting this palace with you once this 'council' concludes?"

Perseus's face lit up with joy at the suggestion. "Of course, Phanes! It would be my pleasure!"

Meanwhile, raised voices had caught Gaea's attention in the corner of the chamber. She turned her gaze towards the source of the commotion and noticed a gathering of godlings, including Ouranos and Pontus, Thalassa, and Hemera.

"Percy, dear," Gaea addressed her youngest brother, "Could you please go and see what has transpired between Ouranos and Pontus? They're over there with Thalassa and Hemera."

Without a moment's hesitation, Perseus dashed off towards the group, eager to resolve any discord and share his news with his friends.

As Perseus left, Phanes turned to Chaos, a strange glint shining in his eyes. "Tell me more about Perseus, Chaos," he implored, his voice gentle yet filled with an earnest desire to understand. "I must admit, I do not know much about him, and it weighs upon my heart."

Chaos regarded Phanes with a thoughtful expression. Her contemplative silence carried an air of mystique as if she herself were still unraveling the enigma that was Perseus.

Phanes, undeterred, continued to express his concerns. "I was by your side each passing moment for the raising of my other brothers and sisters," he confessed, his voice soft but tinged with genuine worry, "however, with Perseus, I do not see much of you. I simply am concerned."

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