Chapter 7: Human

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Chapter 7


Dawn unfurled its gentle smile over Perseus's orchard, where the ambrosial fruit of immortality hung heavy on the boughs. The night's mystical allure had been replaced by the vivid clarity of day, which painted the scenery in warm colors so spirited they seemed to pulse with life. The morning garden was a distinct contrast to the velvety darkness that had enshrouded it hours before; now, it was awash with the crimson kiss of Hemera's chariot, rising anew in the sky.

At the heart of this flourishing paradise sat a soft wooden bench, its surface smooth and curved to match the natural forms that surrounded it. Upon this bench, the figures of Perseus, Gaea, Nyx, Tartarus, Chaos, Ananke, Phanes, Chronos, and Erebus were arrayed, each with a countenance and posture, a congregation of essence and power. They were settled in an easy, informal circle, sharing the apples that promised eternity, each bite releasing the sweet fragrance of divinity unending.

The grass beneath their feet was not merely green; it was an explosion of emerald, jade, and lime, each blade a tiny fountain of nature that danced to the soft breath of the early breeze. The flowers had unfurled their petals to the day, showcasing a spectrum of colors that defied the usual boundaries of nature, each one appearing to be crafted from living gemstones. They swayed and moved as if they had a heartbeat, an undulating carpet of flora that seemed almost sentient in its responsiveness to the presence of the deities.

Birds—doves, cardinals, bluejays, and more—the small creatures that had been summoned into existence by Perseus's will, now took to the skies in a cascade of feathers, their chorus a melodious backdrop to the soft murmurs of the gods as they conversed. Sunlight dappled through the leaves of the orchard trees, creating a mosaic of light and shadow upon the ground, ever-shifting with the sun's ascent.

The air itself was a blend of scents, each breath a symphony of aromas that ranged from the tang of citrus from the fruit to the sweet perfume of night-blooming jasmine that lingered into the daylight.

The five-story tall apple tree under which they gathered now seemed even more magnificent in daylight. Its leaves, a lush canopy, shimmered with a luminous shamrock green that caught the sun's rays, casting a faded glow around. The polished black marble of the stepping stones gleamed, reflecting the blue skies and plump streaks of white as if holding a piece of the heavens within their dark surfaces.

This was a moment of peace, a rare occasion where the eldest protogenoi, usually so consumed with their own realms and concerns, were united by the simple act of sharing a treat. Here, they sat as if a family, a concept often too human for the gods to entertain, but in this dawning light, with the orchard breathing life around them, the lines between divine and mortal seemed, just for a moment, to blur.

Nyx, her skin as fair as snow, like the illuminance of the moon that she wove each night, squinted against the brilliance of the day. "It is too bright here," she complained with a theatrical hand raised to shield her eyes from the sun's relentless cheer.

"Brother Phanes, would you be so kind as to trade places with me? I have a sudden yearning for the solace of this magnificent tree's shade."

Phanes, his form flowing with the white light of creation, gave Nyx a knowing look, a twinkle of amusement in his eyes. "Ah, Nyx, ever the nocturnal creature," he mused as he rose from his seat, brushing a few stray leaves from his chiton.

He reached over and playfully ruffled Perseus's raven-black hair, causing a small smile to break on the younger god's usually serene face.

As they swapped positions, Gaea, her eyes as deep and nurturing as the earth, let out a soft, melodious giggle. "Or perhaps, dear Nyx, it is not the shade you seek but the company of Perseus," she teased, her voice a gentle rumble like the earth's contented purr.

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