Chapter 5: Day

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Chapter 5



The vast, expanding hall within the innermost of Chaos's sanctuary, where divine ceremonies and gatherings of unparalleled grandeur often took place, was shrouded in an almost sacred silence. Massive, spiraling galaxies encircled the interior, casting flashing lights and shadows - an ever-changing illumination that bathed everything in both white and black.

Perseus sat in his mother's arms, his typical vibrant eyes that reflected the depths of the cosmos began to darken as he listened to her explanation. A profound sense of disappointment washed over him, his fervor fading, and he struggled to keep his emotions in check. Yet, he was just a child among the Protogenoi, a celestial youth, a mind gifted with knowledge but still untouched by eons of wisdom.

As the boy processed the weight of Chaos's words, a tide of frustration surged within him. He could feel a tempest of emotions churning beneath his surface. His chest heaved with stifled breaths, and a painful lump formed in his throat. The brilliant realm around them seemed to dim in response to his inner agony.

Finally, his small voice trembled as he spoke, his disappointment and impatience now ever so evident. "Mother, I... I don't understand. I thought I was ready for my domains."

He slowly removed her hands that had rested on his shoulders, backing away from her as his body shook with feelings he was unable to process. He was scared, tired, sorrowful, desperate, and, most of all, angry. Angry because he was being stricken of his principles, his purpose - a Protogenos without purpose was no more than a forgotten outcast. A nothing.

"Why? Why? It's not fair!" The sudden outburst was not just the cry of a child but a declaration against the injustice he felt had befallen him. The architecture surrounding them resonated with his mood as if the void itself sympathized with his plight.

Chaos, ever the nurturing and understanding presence, stood from her throne and extended her arms, trying to draw him closer into her embrace. She wanted to comfort him, to show him that he would prevail as he always did. She could sense the storm of his emotions, the tempest that raged within a child who desired to prove himself. "Oh, my dear Percy, I understand how you must feel."

However, Perseus withdrew from her touch, distancing himself as the storm of emotions raged on. His small form trembled, the child within him desperate to gain what he believed was rightfully his own. His youthful face, adorned with radiant eyes that were now saturated with visions of the death of planets and stars, revealed his heart's turmoil.

Perseus's eyes brimmed with tears, the starry teardrops glittering like jewels. He struggled to find the right words to express the intensity of his emotions. "But, why, Mother? I want to make a difference, to shape the cosmos. I thought a few more million years was the time."

Chaos sighed, the sound echoing like the whisper of supernovas in the boundless cosmos. "My tiny destroyer, your powers are a magnificent force, and your potential is undeniable. However, you must understand that the timing of when you receive your domains is critical. Your powers are like the energy of a star, powerful but still in their early stages. You need time to develop them fully."

The prince's childlike heart was torn between the dreams he had harbored and the wisdom of his mother's guidance. He sniffled and wiped away a tear with the back of his hand. A low snarl of ire tugged at his bottom lip, threatening to break loose as he kept his emotions bound. "But, I am ready. I promise, Mother, I promise."

"Perseus," Chaos began in a voice filled with empathy, her words resonating through the chamber, "you are not like your siblings. You possess abilities and potential that no ordinary Protogenos could even dream of unlocking at your age. You are a transcendental force, a celestial anomaly, and it is precisely because of your uniqueness that your path must be different."

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