Chapter 10: Strength

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Chapter 10


It was unlike anything Zoë had ever experienced. The sensation was divine and magical as if the very seeds of the primordial earth had been distilled into its sweetest nectar. She could feel the power of the fruit coursing through her body, circulating her greatest afflictions, mending and rejuvenating her from within.

Her previously limp strides grew broader and bolder as the apple's magic worked wonders. In no time, Zoë found herself easily keeping pace with her two new companions, walking confidently at Prometheus's side, trailing just behind Perseus, who strolled leisurely through the orchard.

Zoë's gaze involuntarily lingered on Perseus's form ahead of her. Despite the miraculous healing she had just experienced, her mind was fraught with hesitation. The decision to follow this enigmatic figure, who suddenly appeared and altered the course of her life, weighed heavily on her. She questioned whether aligning her fate with this new savior was indeed the best path for herself.

As she walked, Zoë grappled with her thoughts, pondering the nature of Perseus's intentions. Was he truly her savior, or had she merely exchanged one form of captivity for another? The more she dwelled on these thoughts, the more her initial trust began to wane, giving way to a growing blaze of distrust and a desperate search for reassurance.

Prometheus, towering above Zoë, cast a wary glance down at the girl walking beside him. His observant eyes caught the conflicted emotions dancing in hers. Deciding to break the silence, he voiced a thought that caught Zoë off guard. "Thou hast been granted a tremendous gift," he stated, his deep voice breaking through her contemplations.

The nymph flinched slightly at his sudden interjection, her focus shifting from Perseus to the titan beside her. With a quiet voice, she acknowledged, "I am thankful for the immortal fruit."

A snicker escaped the Titan of Foresight, his large hand dismissively waving through the air. "The apple's side effect of immortal youth is naught to be overly praised," he countered. He somewhat cynically elaborated that the type of immortality granted by the fruit was "half-immortality," distinct from the eternal existence enjoyed by Olympians or titans. "Thou mayst not age, but thou couldst still fall in battle as any mortal might," he concluded, casting a shadow on the notion of immortality.

The ex-Hesperide absorbed his words slowly, her gaze locked on Prometheus's mouth as he spoke. Yet, the gravity of his statement seemed somewhat lost on her, overshadowed by a lingering wariness of his reputation as a trickster. She nodded, her response measured. "Still, I am grateful for it," she affirmed, choosing to focus on the positive aspect of her newfound condition.

Not yet finished, Prometheus added a significant clarification to his initial comment. "The true gift thou hast been granted is the company of Master Perseus, to be taken into his care," he said, emphasizing that being under the protection and guidance of the god was a privilege far greater than the divine benefits of the fruit.

As Perseus paused in his leisurely stroll through the garden to admire a flower, bending down to touch its petals, Zoë and Prometheus also came to a halt. The weight of Prometheus's earlier words began to fade from Zoë's mind, replaced by a more immediate concern. She noticed the flower's vibrant purple hue and recognized it as Nightshade, a plant known for its deadly poison as much as for its deceptive beauty.

Instinctively, Zoë started to call out to Perseus, a protective impulse seizing her. She wondered about the plant's effect on him-dangerous to mortals, certainly, but what about someone like Perseus? Her hand, raised in warning, hesitated and then slowly dropped as she battled with her swirling emotions.

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