Chapter 1:Burried From Below!

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Struggling standing up and trying to resist from crying, lips curled and tears forming.

They have just learned to stand up and was going to prove themselves to walk but tripped and fell, shame and embarrassment overwhelmed them.

They shut their eyes closed while their ears folded down...

Until they felt someone's hands under their arms and lift them up then carried them, they opened their eyes looking who it was.

It was him, they flinched when they saw that red eyes moved directly at them and they immediately burried their face right into his chest fur out of shame

Their body shoken a little until they felt a hand stroking the back of their head, they tensed up from the touch but soon calmed down.

The way the hand stroke them against their fur seems comforting, they stayed in that position until they felt moving.

He walked while carrying them in his arms, feeling relxed and comfortable...

A blue blur zooms across the zone, to anyone they already know who this is.

Sonic the hedgehog himself, the wind is like racing behind him as a Mobini have to take cover when he run passed.

Sonic have that wide grin and enjoying the wind that is blowing through him, it was great like any other da-

"Woah-! Oof!"

Falling first face to the ground, Sonic groaned and lifting himself up while rubbing his snout, he mumbled before looking at what made him tripped.

He stop when he saw it's some kind of a metal sticking out which Sonic raised a brow.

He stood up in just a sec and approuches the metal bump and crouched down to take a look.

He wondered what it was until an idea came to him and he smiled.

He quickly spindash the ground and go around the metal bump which causes some dirt and soil to be thrown behind him as he continued this process.

He go around and around until after few minutes he stopped himself which he is now dirtier than before and wiped his forehead from the digging he had.

He look seeing it was bigger than he thought, it was shaped as a oval thing though. He tilted his head when he saw a glimpse of glass seen under from all of the dirt.

He walked towards it and wiped it using his gloved hand seeing a silhouette of someone inside.

His eyes widen from this, it have someone inside!

Sonic have two options in his mind with two reasons....

1) freeing them which means saving their life from this small prison.


2) Don't free them and instead have Tails take a look first if it's something else dangerous.

Sonic tapped his foot while thinking about his decision, he was about to choose option 2 but he stopped and take a look closer and wipes the dirt away more.

He also seems to notice that the pod is smaller which means whoever inside is small....

But it is still dangerous....

Sonic groaned as he hates decisions, Even the pod is small it's still heavy for him to carry..

He doesn't want to call Knuckles over because he knew the echidna is busy, or sleeping and he doesn't want to interrupt it since he haven't got any proper sleep from his duty.

Sonic sighs and look at the pod already choosed what he have to do....

He pulled out his communicator from his quills and flip it open then started to type.

He is ganna bring the pod home....

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