Chapter 2:Hello Lil Guy!

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Sonic have managed to bring the pod home with a help from Tails and his Tornado.

They are both starring at the small pod, Sonic put his hand on the metal surface and slides his palm on it downwards.

They have cleaned the pod and it was made of aluminum metal with a glass infront but they can't see who was inside, only the silhouette.

"Tails, can you hack to open it?" Sonic ask looking over at his pal and see him already have mess with the wires from the code pad he opened up using a screwdriver.

"Already on it." He said and continued to his work, while Tails is busy Sonic look at the small pod and wondered what's in it, or where it came from.

"Annnd....done!" Sonic's ear flicked and look over seeing Tails closed the code pad and a hissing noise came out.

Sonic stepped back with Tails as the small pod opened up and smoke coming out from within.

They got prepared just incase whoever inside attack them and waited..

Soon they can see claws came out from the pod and placed it at the side and a sharp alien like foot came out as well.

Tails shakes a little and stayed back, starting to regret on opening the pod as Sonic clenched his hands, getting ready to spindash who it is.

Then the creature's eyes opened showing a glowing [E/C] eyes and let out a demonic growl.

Sonic tighten his fists and Tails is already behind him, having the wrench as his weapon.

The creature steps out of the pod and they can't still see what it is because of the thic smoke and-


Sonic and Tails blink when they suddenly heard something collapsed, they saw the creature on the floor....that must have been the cause of the noise.

Soon the smoke cleared out and they can see the creature's Appreance...

They seem to be a hybrid of a [M/S] and with something else....

"um...what should we do?" Tails ask looking at Sonic, Sonic titled his head starring at the creature..they look young..probably younger than Tails.

Sonic approuches but stopped when the hybrid moved, they shakily lift themselves up. Just enough to get their face off the floor they moved they're head upwards seeing Sonic and Tails.

Now they can see the face of the creature, it is a hybrid of a half mobian, and younger too.

The creature blink their eyes tiredly and moved their eyes seeing Sonic and Tails.

Sonic blink then lift a hand doing a small wave as a friendly gesture, while Tails is still behind holding his wrench.

The hybrid just stared..before letting their face fall first on the floor again which startled them.

"H-hey! Little guy, you might hurt your face-!" Sonic said worried and crouched down towards the creature trying to help them up to their feet.

But once they stood up with a help of Sonic they just let themselves collapsed again and Sonic have to catch them.

They seem to not putting effort to stand up and just starring blankly at them, what is wrong with this kid?

Are they lazy?

Or is something wrong with them?

Once Tails see that their harmless he lowered his wrench and approuches.

"What is he?" Sonic ask and he have to carry the kid because it's obvious that the kid isn't ganna stand up.

Tails look at the creature up and down, looking at their claws..then their feet claws and their fully black eyes with [E/C] irises and then ears and tail [If you want one]

Some of the kid's Appreance seems to be similar to something he have seen before....

But just looking at the kid's fur color and claws it reminds him of a Black Arms and Shadow..

"He seem to look like a hybrid of a Black Arms and [M/S]." Tails said assuming the Kid is a male, [Actually Genderqueer]

"Like Shadow?" Sonic ask as Tails shrugs. "Probably..should we tell him?" Tails ask looking at Sonic.

Sonic is in thought before moving the his eyes to look at the kid that is now sleeping in his arms.

"..I think we shouldn't, Shadow won't hesitate to kill him even if his a hybrid.. He still think his like one of those Black Arms." Sonic said as Tails nodded, it is sure weird but the creature is very young, younger than himself actually now that he think about it.

"...but what if Shadow found out? "Tails ask as Sonic made a "Pssss" noise.

"Puh-lease, Shadow won't even come to our house even if it's a emergency. If it is he would just call and just do as that." Sonic said as Tails raised a brow.

"And if Rouge or Amy found out?" He ask again.

"Rouge would only stay for about few minutes and for Amy we'll just have to keep this lil guy in your's or my room." He said as Tails blink.

"I guess that isn't a bad idea.." He said since whenever Amy visit she only stays at the living room or at the kitchen then left with a good bye, never upstairs where their bedrooms are.

"But I wonder where he came from..." Tails ask looking at the hybrid.

"Maybe there's another Ark and he escape from the pod and crashed here!" Sonic said as Tails look at him with a "you serious?" expression.

"And another revenge arc with an giant alien elephant instead of a turtle destroying the world with a laser?" Tails ask as Sonic thought then grinned.

"Maybe!" He said as Tails sighs.

"I don't think that's happening again.. And plus his too young to do that unlike Shadow does." Tails pointed it out as Sonic seems to agree with him.

"Well then, where do we do with the pod?" Sonic ask as Tails smiled. "Leave it to me." He said pointing at himself while Sonic nodded.

"Alright! I'll bring him to you're room to don't mind right?" He ask as Tails nodded, with that he eventually left with the creature.

Tails look at the pod with a thought on where he do with it or hide it..

Everything...seems fast...

They don't know what's going on but they decided to just let it happen what's happening around them..

Waking up and seeing a hedgehog with a fox, then the hedgehog carried them and bring them to

Their sitting on this..bed? That's what they called it right?

It's soft and maybe..

They just stared at the hedgehog and told them to stay here and come out if they want something, except if there's random people in the house except them.

Then the hedgehog left, they just sit there. Looking at what is in the room, some random things they don't know and stuff they don't recognized..

Wait....where are they again?

Ah the's a house right...?

They don't know..their mind is blank..

They can't think of anything else or even feel..are they suppose to feel scared? They are suppose to right?

Their in a random house with random people he didn't know..then why aren't they scared? Why do they feel..empty..?

The hybrid look at their own claws, seeing the crimson colored claws..

Can these claws tear something apart? They haven't tried it yet..

Should they try it on the bed? No..the two mobians wouldn't like that..

The hybrid just sits there with a blank expression.. They look like a dead corpse quite honestly..

They feel like their forgetting something...


What's their name again...?

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