Chapter 1.5:Tanjōbi

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Another mission successful...

As long he keep the commander pleased that's what he really care about, Shadow is the first one that came out of the office once they're dismissed.

Walking away until he felt a grip on his arm and turn to look only to see Rouge.

"Leaving so early? Why don't we hang out with friends of ours?" She suggested and Shadow just stared before getting his arm back.

"You only want to hang out with them to seduce that echidna.." He said which made Rouge look at him in shock and blushed.

"That's not what I- Why are you so grumpy today?!" She ask feeling annoyed as Shadow rolled his eyes and walk off.

"Hey! Ugh....Boys these days have no respect!" Rouge huffed with her hands on her hips.

Seriously, he seems to be in a hurry which is weird to Rouge and wondered where he was going.

In flash of light Shadow appeared in a cabin deep within the forest, this is where he have been living..

This isn't his to begin with but it was owned by an old deer mobian back then, he saved that mobian's life and he give this cabin to him in return. Shadow tried to denied it but the old deer only have less time to Shadow had no other choice but to accept it..he have been keeping it clean and doesn't tell anyone where he actually live because he doesn't like anyone crashing to his place..

Shadow slowly opened the wooden door and walked in before closing the door, he approuches the simple bed and crouched down then went under to grab something, he pulled out a small box as he stood up, he then sits down on the bed, he stared at the box and look at the calender..seeing it was...this day..

A black hedgehog stared off to the large window, starring at the planet with his red eyes, his ear flick when he heard the conversation.

"What's a birthday Mari..?" A young voice ask as Shadow continue to stared at the space and planets..

"Well..a Birthday is the day where you celebrate the same day you born." A girl's voice answered to the other.

"When is you're birthday Mari..?" The younger one asked, Shadow turn his head seeing a [M/S]/alien hybrid sitting on a young girl's lap that have a blonde hair with blue eyes, blue and white dress sitting on a chair nearby.

"My birthday is in's still ganna take few months before my birthday." The girl answered with a gentle smile.

The young hybrid stared at her with curiosity, head slighty titled to the side.

"What about me?" They asked as their [E/Y] Eyes stared at her blue ones.

She smiled and petted their head.

"Your's is at [Month/w Date]" She said to them as Shadow turn his head back to look at the space again.

"What about Shady?" The hybrid ask making Shadow's ear flick at his nickname being mentioned that he only allowed them to call him that.

"He was created at June, so his birthday is June 1"
She said as the hybrid have his eyes sparkled and look at Shadow with a smile.

Shadow didn't pay attention on the conversation anymore as his lost in his own thoughts..wondering if what he heard from Gerald is true..he knew eavesdropping is bad but if he didn't he might not even found out that-

"Happy Birthday Shady!!" Shadow was a little startled by that and turn his head seeing the young hybrid waving at him with both arms having a happy smile on their muzzle.

Shadow blinked before a small smile spread out on his muzzle..

Shadow opened the small box which it only contain a two hearts locket, stared at it and moved his hand to take it out of the box seeing this as his present from his "birthday"....

He look at the calendar seeing the [Month/w Date]

"...Happy Birthday...Y/N..."

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