Chapter 3:You Have One Job

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Shadow is confused why Maria dragged him with her and sneaking in a room they're not allowed in.

He did asked her and she answered that it's a secret, he was curious but didn't question it further.

When they successfully sneaked into the room with Maria closing the door, she grabbed Shadow's hand and drags him again which Shadow eventually keep up with her.

Shadow is worried they might get caught. "Maria, I don't think we should-"

"Shadow look! There they are!" Maria interrupted him as she pointed at something.

He look over and sees she's pointing at the tube that have a Lifeform in it.

But this one seems smaller and younger, even it's a different species it's obvious that Shadow can see the similarities of him and them.

Shadow's eyes widen a little, seeing the smaller form as Maria smiled.

"..who..?" Shadow asked still starring at the small one as Maria look at him and smiled.

"Meet your little sibling! Y/N!" She said as Shadow's ear flick.

Little sibling..

Those words are simple but it have many meanings to it which Shadow doesn't know what it is but he felt it.

Y/N.... Little sibling..

Shadow slowly put a hand at the glass surface where the little Lifeform rest within..

When will you come out..?

Sonic left earlier to take his usual run, leaving Tails with the hybrid which they decided to call them N/N since they needed to call them something.

Tails tried to have a conversation with them but it only makes him feel akward when they didn't respond and only stare at him.

It didn't take long for Tails that N/N can't speak..or atleast they don't know how to.

Which is right now Tails decided to teach them sign language, it was difficult but he endure it and he was making progress teaching them.

"And this is Z." Tails said while doing the Z sign as N/N tried mimicking him, they're having a hard time doing the signs because of their calws but they understand it.

Tails smiled that N/N tried their best.

"Now then, try to sign your name." Tails said as N/N look at him and tried signing their name or the nickname they gave them.

They moved their claws that are acting as fingers and tried each sign letters.

"" They tried to sign as Tails can see the problems already.

They swap N and M and they mistaken S with a T also forgot the E, but they signed their nickname right.

"You need a bit more practice but you're doing well!" He said as N/N look at him, they smiled at the praised which they like.

They spent time when Tails is teaching N/N more about sign language and understand it.

N/N is slow but their a excellent learner, which Tails rewarded them with desserts he still have in the fridge.

Although when Tails went to grab something from the fridge, N/N looks at the door.

"Where you get that?" Sonic ask pointing at his necklace that have a two hearts locket.

Shadow rolled his eyes and tried to hide the locket in his chest fur.

"None of your buisness.." He said as Sonic look closer at the locket.

"C'mon Shad! Let me get a look!" He said trying to reach it which Shadow preventing him by pushing his face away.

"No and stop it! Why do you care about it anyway?!" He ask him annoyed as Sonic crossed his arms.

"Because you didn't wear anything except those old fashion gloves and shoes, what's up with the change? And hearts isn't your style, try the skull shaped ones!" He said and Shadow just glared at him.

"Like I said hedgehog, none of your buisness. I'm just ganna wear it just today" He said as Sonic blink.

"really? Why do you even bother wearing it?" He ask titling his head, Shadow start to get annoyed.

"Just shut up. before I shove soil in your mouth." He threatened which Sonic backs up with hands up defensively.

"Calm down, just asking." He said as Shadow didn't response.

Shadow is..very offended at what Sonic said..

This necklace is..too important for him to replace..his just ganna wear it to this day is very..special..

"Just leave it alone." He said with a glare as Sonic just waves him off. "Whatever you say Shad" He says, Shadow only rolled his eyes.

"Anyway! Ya ready?" He ask as Shadow look at him with a side eye look before scoffing.

"Let's just get this over with." He said as he crouched down, same as Sonic as they look at their goal..

The finish line..

They count in their heads..




"In this world

(His world- Gotta make your own way!)

Where one is all
In this world

(His world- Life is just a game you play!)

Never fear the fal-"

Shadow blink at the interruption of the sudden music and look at where it came from, seeing Sonic trying to shut his ring tone off.

" Sorry about that! Tails is calling me, hold on for a bit! "He said and answered the call as he turn around.

Shadow stared before rolling his eyes.

He stood up and crossed his arms as he waited for the call to be finish and get this over it-

"YOU LOST THEM?!" Shadow is startled at the sudden shout from the blue blur, looking at him with a question look seeing Sonic's panick and worry face.

"HOW?! WHEN?!" Sonic started to ask questions as Shadow narrowed his eyes and raised his brow.

'Who did he lose?' Shadow questioned as Sonic is listening to what Tails is saying through the phone.

"OKAY! I'LL BE THERE!" He said and immediately turn off his phone.

"SORRYSHADSGOTTAGO!" He said and before Shadow can ask what's going on or even open his mouth to do so his blue counterpart already blast off.

Only left with a breeze of wind and Shadow stood there, blinking at what just happened.

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