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Roooh m is kadar
Basi ho tum
Kaise kah du
Mujhse alg ho tum

At Rudra'place

Rudra"s pov

Dekho dekho kon aaya kaise ho romeo ji

[See who us here !!]

"How are you mr.romeo ",Rohit asked me while hugging me.

"Romeo really???  I don't  think so. I will become mad ".

"I have warned you that she is fire broo.its not easy to convince her " he added.

"If she is fire let me burn ! I said "

we both brust in laughter.

"Oh, listen, I forgot to tell you, there's a party tomorrow , you and Aarushi are invited. I won't take no for an answer," he said.

"I'll definitely come, but will she?" I asked skeptically.

"Pratiksha will talk to her, you just come, okay? Rohit said with confidence.

Aarushi "s pov

Next day, I was getting ready for Pratiksha's party, and you won't be surprised to know that I have to go with that idiot. Ufff!

This is Paro's request, otherwise, I would never go with him.

"Ewwww! Huhhhh! I vented out my frustration inwardly".

Then, the car horn kept sounding repeatedly. I looked out of the window, and there he was. I called him.

Kya hai hannn!! Khud to tum muj utha kr aagye ho,mujhe to tyaar hone do .

((What's up? You've arrived with an attitude. Let me get ready," I said, annoyed.))

Without waiting for his response, I hung

Apni bandar si shkl lekr aa gya aur mujhe ready v nhi hone de dha hai .shadi na bhi rok pau to kam se kam sundar to dikhu!!

((He came with his monkey face, and he's not even letting me get ready. Even if I can't stop the wedding, at least I should look good.))

He was waiting outside the car for me. When I reached the car, he asked, "Where were you?We were supposed to be there an hour ago".

I replied, "Did I stop you from leaving?

He just grumbled, "Fine, sit." And we drove to the party.

We met Kunal and Pratiksha, but I didn't want to be around that monkey, so Pratiksha and I left separately.

"Paro's other friends were also there, and we were all chatting in groups".

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