haseena eating her brothers head 🤣

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He smiled seeing his princess and then slowly made her sleep

All had woke up except our queen

after breakfast ammi went to wake haseena a she might be hungry

she opened the door and was greeted by a naughty smile of her small baby she was awake and was playing with her own tiny fingers ammi smiled

after breastfeeding haseena she took that curious baby downstairs

ammi: aap teeno iska dhyan rakhiyega

vansh: ammi kala jaa rale hon(kaha jaa rahe hon)

ammi: padoshi ke ghar beta dhyn rakhna apni behen

vh(vansh): ok (cutely)

saying that she went

(veer had went to his room after breakfast )

vh: abbu bhaiya ke plas jau

ab(abbu): thik hai dhyan se jana khud bhi giroge aur saath mei issko bhi giraoge

vh: abbbbuuu mle bacla nadi hon(mei bacha nahi hoon)

ab: hann aajkal teen saal ke log bade hote hai wahhh

vh pouted

abbu chuckled

vh took haseena and went to veer room

vr(veer): good morning baby (kissed her forehead)

she giggled

Hm: aaaaafhkjfweggbjjgfsryjj ( okay toh maddam ne jo bhi kaha Woh unhi se puch lena 🤣)

Vr and vh look at each other like yeh kya tha while that angel started moving her hands and legs non stop with cute giggles

Vr took hm to his bed and laid her down but she was just trying to get up after many tries she used the most effective way that is CRYING 🤣🤣🤣🤣 veer picked her up and gently leaned her against a pillow and vansh gave her a teddy bear

But she threw it away

He picked, she threw, he picked she threw

Vansh got tired and laid on the bed but she started crying so veer pick it up and gave her

And the cycle of picking and throwing started after some time veer also got tired and laid down but both of their little sister was in a different mood she started pulling their hair while they looked at each other and gave up 🤣🤣


Thank you


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