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So, hi everyone

how are you

hope you are fine

Lets get started.......

sheraj Mallik

fater of shehbaaz an heartless orthodox who alway discriminate girls and thinks that girls cannot success in life

nadia Mallik

mothe of shehbaaz (same description as provided for sheraj )

Shezbaaz Mallik

Father of 2 boys and 1 unborn child, husband of Salma Mallik, Commissner of Police. A fun loving person with a kind heart.

Salma Mallik

Mother of 2 boys and pregnant with another baby. Wife of Shehbaaz Mallik and a housewife........

Veer Mallik

Eldest son of Shehbaaz and Salma. 7 years old very fun loving but very strict when it comes to discipline and studies.

Vansh Mallik

Second son of Shehbaaz and Salma. 4 years old cute and innocent

Haseena Mallik (future introduction)

Daughter of Shehbaaz and Salma. Princess of Mallik family. Stubborn but at the same time the most understanding person you will ever find on earth

thank you hope you like the story one the parts are published

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