The Awakening...

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In the small makeshift cave there sat a man, a man who is older than time, wiser than any

He sat in the small candle lit circle with his legs cross and his hands rested on them, his eyes were closed as he sat silently and Peacefully 

He looked very young for a 306 year old man he looked to be 35, he has been the royal physic for over 2 centuries, and has been very loyal to them

He sat in the small circle thinking about his past how he has served all the royal family and how much kindness they have showed him

He was hit with an unexpected vision, one like none other he has this was powerful and demanding his attention he was frozen still as his eyes rolled around, bits and peices of images appear to him as he tried his best to remember for when its done as the vision finally let him go he leaned forwards catching his breath but he images still played in his head, but the one image that got him on his feet and running for his king is that of the late queen

"Sire! Sire!" he screamed down the empty halls hoping that his king is somewhere in the castle 

"Reginald?" his king appeared looking at him confused, he couldn't blame him he knew he would think he lost his mind too

"My king, I have some news of importance" he finally said after taking a breath

"What is it my friend" his king smiled at him but his smile was faked, he has been using this smile for so long it he doesn't even know how to smile genuinely anymore which broke his old heart

"My king, at last they have given her to us" said Reginald with a big smile on his face, as for his king he was very confused 

"Given who to us?" his king asked and he looked at his king with a smile 

"Our Queen" as he said this his king took a moment, he could not believe his ears

"What are you talking about Reginald" his king asked somewhat confused, but Reginald saw the climbs of hope in his eyes

"I'm talking about the Queen Crystal sire" his king's eyes filled with hope 

"Tell me it's true Reginald, tell me this isn't a joke" his king asked him holding on to his shoulder shaking him with every word

"My king when have I ever joked" his king's eyes moisted as he looked at him with so much joy 

"Tell me when and where, we shall go find my beloved" he said with an arm around his shoulders.

 1 Year later...

somewhere in the world I have someone who would love me unconditionally, who would give his life for mine and that is my beloved Daniel, just the thought of him made me feel alive,  Iknow he will take care of our daughter to the best he can, and I know that my only sister is there to help him and so is his brother, I wasn't eager to go home to save the world or see my family again, its part of it but what  I was looking forwards to is my daughter, to hold her in my arms and watch her grow was why I choose to accept the terms, she is my whole life and to watcher her be the best she can be was something I wanted to be there to see

 I know I been falling for a while but I do not know how long , I could see something ahead of me but I couldn't tell what it was, but for some reason my body was preparing me for the pain, like I reacted knowing what was coming then as I got closer to the white ring I saw that I was entering a cleansing ring 

"Oh shit!" I tried to cover my eyes but I wasn't in control of my body, the rings started to spin and I could feel the pain starting, it was weird that I knew what this ring was but I don't know what it does, all I knew is that it was very painful and I wish to never go through it again

"Cleansing Complete" I heard a voice but I couldn't locate where it was coming from I looked around for some sort of window, tube or anything where I could see the person behind the voice, but I couldn't locate anything in this ring

"You have been restored to your being" the voice said again 

"Whoa! What the hell are you talking about?" I screamed I was getting very frustrated with everything, I still couldn't move my body, my arms were hanging to my sides and my legs are slightly apart, thank  goodness I wasn't wearing a dress or a skirt that would be embarrassing

"Before you descend I would like to give you one advice" I knew that voice

"Oh yeah and what's that?"

"Don't die" then I was falling hard and fast  

"What kind of advice was that!" I screamed closing my eyes when I saw the green grass 


"Crystal!" I could hear my name being called in the distance, my vision was blurry but what I could make out of it was that I was in a hole white flame surrounded me 

"Let me go!" I could hear someone screaming in the distance his voice finally registering in my head, I finally got the strength to get up but I was slow 

"Crystal!" I still could hear his cries from afar, I finally got to my feet and shook my head trying to see clearly, I looked up to the dark sky seeing the beautiful stars above then I slowly started making my way up from the huge hole that I just made I saw the white flames slowly die down I grabbed onto the grass above and pulled myself up, I looked around and I saw Daniel being held by a man he was on the ground crying the man saw me and started to smile I finally used my knee to get me up 

"Daniel" my throat was so dry so when I called his name my voice sounded scratchy, he looked up tears falling from his face his mouth formed and O as he saw me 

"Hello love" I smiled he was hugging me before I could say more, he was sobbing harder I closed my eyes hugging him back smelling his scent, tears fell from my eyes, I have missed him so...and being in his arms right now felt great we both cried still not letting each other go.

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