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Chapter Two

Where the hell am I?

What happened?

Looking around, I don't know what to think as my eyes scan the room. It's like a marble building, one you would see in Greece belonging to the gods, one mainly isolated from the outside except for three archways. Where I lay is in the middle of the structure, a white stone bed under me, just a plain rectangle that causes my back to ache.

How the hell did I end up here? As I sit up, right before me on the marble wall is a mirror, one that has a golden frame around the long mirror. I came here through the mirror in my house. I came here. If I am here and alive...my dad must be here and alive.

I get to my feet, the glad to see myself still clothed and in the same pair of sweatpants and old t-shirt. Pushing my fingers through my own hair, a deep sigh leaves my mouth as I look around at the outside. My body is still stiff, my mind wondering off to the question of how long I was laying there, prone to any creature outside these walls.

A circle of trees surrounds me, thick evergreens causing me to wonder what is behind the trees. For sure I am somewhere. For sure some sort of civilization is clue. This whole thing makes me think of Minecraft, how a village will be my first place to go, to get food and a place to sleep. Walking over to one of the archways, I spot something that makes my stomach becomes tied up in knots. A storm is coming. Lightening can be seen. I either need to stay here or go and find some place to take shelter.

Right away I step out of the structure, looking in the opposite location of the storm as the wind picks up. This storm will not be one just to wait for it to pass, this one will be strong. I either head out into the unknown or wait it out. The first choice seems the best.

But who knows what creatures I could find here? What animals of predator and prey lurk around the next corner.

A loud crack of thunder and I'm walking away, straight for the tree line as my heart begins to pump faster. I just need to find somewhere safe tonight, and I hope I'm not placing my hopes too high.

The branches are low as they scrape my arms, the twigs pulling at my hair as my feet sink into the mud. This is not my ideal journey into the unknown. As for the temperature, every second it seems to be growing colder, the storm clouds nearing as I try and outrun it. Maybe I will be able to...but looking ahead, all I can see are trees.

For passing time, my whole concentration is upon dad's journal. I had tucked it under my arm before I am stepping through the mirror, but I awoke without it. Maybe it didn't make it, for that seems like the clear choice because I don't have it.

Another tall hill comes to view, one that I cannot see over. Sighing, I begin my ascend once more, thinking of my mother. As for what is up to, I have no definite idea, but I know she must be screaming over that mirror in agony. "Maybe she will look for me," I mumble, knowing that's a very clear answer. That's all she has done since dad left: look for him. Why only stop with dad? Why not look for your whole family as well? Pretty obvious to me.

"And just to think the next chapter of my life was about to start," I mutter to myself, thinking of college. I was going to go into interior design with a full ride scholarship to my dream school. I did do this to myself, stepping through that mirror because I could not take another second in the hollow walls of that house that has driven my mother to rely on an endless hope that my father will return.

A twig snaps.

My head twists around, the adrenaline kicking in as I can feel my heart beating fast. Maybe an animal? The snapping was loud, too loud to be an animal unless a bear.

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