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Chapter Ten

As the day comes to an end and I find myself standing before my tent being set up for the night, the placement of the King's tent has changed tonight. No longer is that massive gold and crimson tent pitched beside his lead warrior's, but beside his tracker and the very women he swore he would never allow to return home. Crossing my arms, I watch as the four men pitch my tent, a horse standing beside me with a cart containing the other objects in my tent like my chest and cot. As I look to my right, I see the King's men setting up his tent, identical to mine in shape, but twice the size of mine which is already big compared to the tents that the warriors share with multiple individuals. The King is walks towards his tent as I take a seat upon one of the rocks by the horse I am by, hands on my knees as I find my eyelids heavy. I just want a good night's sleep, to dream of nothing but going home and laying back in my own bed. Usually for nights like this where I find myself tired and having to stay up for a few more minutes, I would pull out my phone and play some game, but out here, in Iduna, it would be unrealistic to even have the technology of a Nokia phone.

"Lady Candice, getting set up for the night?" The King asks me, one of the few questions he has asked me since that incident in the woods where I found myself against a tree and being told he would never let me return home. He thinks my home to be some simple pack of wolves a month's travel away, but little does he know it is in another realm and tomorrow, perhaps all I need to do is say the right words and slip back into the mirror. Would I go back home tomorrow if I had enough of this world and gave up on my father? A small piece of me dares me to go back home, to forget about my father here, to go back to my home and greet those that I love with a smile as I have missed them. But I need to find my father, to know why he left years ago, to know why he killed a King, and to know why he never came back home. "Would you like to have a drink in my tent when it is done being pitched for the night?" It is asked as any question would be asked, but I know it is more of a demand than anything.

A demand I will not submit to. "I would, but perhaps another night. I am afraid I am lightheaded and need all the rest I can attain tonight," I reply kindly, looking back to the tent being pitched before me as I nervously tap my fingers along to some old 90′s tune. Rather than leave it be like I had hoped Kyril would, he walks over to me, crouching down for his eyes to meet mine as I can see his jaw is clenched, lips slightly parted as he is about to answer, but stops himself.

"You sure you do not need a drink? Something strong to cure that headache of yours?" He asks, making it clear to me that he will not back down from me going into his tent and having some conversation and drink with him. I cannot win here, seeing that he is stubborn. I remind myself that soon I will leave him, that I will find my exit and take it the first chance that I get.

Taking in a deep breath, I reluctantly nod my head. "Just one and nothing more. I need my sleep," I strong state, making sure he understands that I will not put up with him past that amount of time I will give him. As his tent is fully pitched and his men begin to unload the massive amount of crap he packed with him, he reminds me of my mother for a journey. How much stuff he has brought with him reminds me of her, how she over packs for every single trip, three suitcases for a weekend getaway. Looking back to the King who stands up back to his original height, I ask myself what will happen if the Temple holds nothing for me to be useful for and he decides to call the trip off and pulls me back with him to his palace. I am certain that the journal is within the walls of that Temple, but what if something happened and it is not there? My whole cause for going along on this trip will be gone and the King will make sure I never leave him. I should not concern myself with those thoughts before bed when I want a peaceful sleep but knowing that I must converse with the King first guarantees a stressful night.

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