A child is born.

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It was a dark and rainy day. Late night about three in the morning. A young female hedgehog named Cecelia was about to give birth. Her husband Alexander next to her. "Uhhhhhh! Why did you have to get me pregnant?!" Alexander then replied "Do you think I meant too? Now we're bringing another little brat into the world!" Just then a doctor came in. "Sir, you'll need to leave. You can see your wife and your kid afterwards. Alexander nodded and left without saying word.

A few hours later a doctor came out and told Alexander he could see Cecelia. He went in and saw her holding a baby hedgehog. His fur was blue and his eyes and ears were sealed shut. He was sleeping peacefully. Cecelia was looking down at the child. " Isn't he ugly... Out of all the children I could've birthed why did it have to be this disgrace! " Alexander nodded. "This disgrace doesn't deserve a true name. Let's call him sonic."

Cecelia then intentionally moved around causing him to make whines. "Stupid disgrace... I hate you!" Sonic was trying to sleep but his mom kept moving around making it hard for him to sleep. The small child's whining made Cecelia smile. "Where should we make it sleep?" Alexander smiled. "Somewhere with an uncomfortable environment, how about the basement, it's hot down there In Summer and cold in winter."
They both nodded. "He can sleep on that uncomfortable mat too!" So it was decided that sonic would sleep in the basement.

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