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It had been three weeks weeks since sonic had been taken into custody. Sonic had fattened up really nicely and you could no longer see his ribs. Sonic had a nice room at the adoption center and his own personal caretaker. Sonic had learned to talk and had become slightly smarter. He could count to ten and he could even say the entire alphabet. Sonic had become comfortable with his surroundings and wasn't shy around people.

"Kayla pwease come here." Kayla since she had found him and rescued him had been chosen to be his caretaker. Kayla walked over to him. "What's up?" Sonic then said. "Me diaper need change." Kayla picked him up. "Sonic remember to when you talk about something that's yours say "my" or "I have". Sonic then nodded. "Okay, pwease change my diaper." Kayla then petted his head.

After she cleaned him up she brought him to the play area.  Sonic crawled around looking for his favorite toy car. He found it and began to play with it. About half an hour later he began to feel tired. He crawled over to Kayla who was talking to one of her friends. "Kayla, I am tired. I want to go night night." Kayla picked him up. She was carrying him when her boss walked by with a couple of adults. "Kayla, would you mind telling this fine couple about sonic? They're thinking about adopting him."

Kayla laid sonic down for a nap then went to the adoption room. Kayla took out her papers and began to read them. "Sonic is three weeks old. He is a blue hedgehog with emerald green eyes. He likes cars, his favorite foods are chili, and hotdogs. He came from an abusive family and requires a lot of attention. He eats when he is stressed, sad, worried, angry, scared, or just plain hungry. His favorite color is blue." The couple nodded. The young woman then asked a few questions. "What's he allergic too? How does he sleep?" Kayla then answered the questions. "He is allergic too dogs, bees, and chocolate. He sleeps pretty well with an occasional accident here and there." The couple nodded.

After the interview Kayla came in and sat next to sonic. Sonic awoke and gave a little yawn. "Hi." He looked at her. She then picked him up. "Sonic I've got some news. Your going to have a family!" Sonic looked up confused. "Do you mean I was adopted?" "Yep!" Sonic was filled with joy. "Yay! I have a family! You coming wight?" Kayla shook her head. "Sonic, I'm not going with you..." Sonic confused looked up. "Why? Why you not coming? You sawnik's caretaker!" Kayla looked down at the child. "Sonic, you needed a home! I already have one." Sonic began to cry. Sonic loved Kayla. She saved him. She had been raising him. She was his friend.

Kayla helped sonic pack the few items he had. "Sonic I know you want me to come but I can't! You'll have people there to look after you. You'll have a mommy and daddy!" Sonic still crying looked up at her. "I'll miss you!" Even though he was just a baby he felt strong feelings towards her. She kissed his forehead and wrapped him up in his baby blanket. She then pulled out a bottle of milk. She feed him and slowly he stopped crying.

She then changed his diaper and she put him in a carriage and a couple took him. "Sonic you be a good boy for your new family." Sonic crying kissed her forehead one final time. "I will miss you." He was then put in the back of the car. "Sonic, if you ever miss me just know that even though I'm not there I'm still your friend."
Soon the window rolled up and they began to drive away. Kayla holding back tears knew that she did the right thing. She loved him. She smiled and went back inside.

Four weeks later.
Kayla was at the desk working when she got a letter. It read this.

Dear Kayla,

My mommy is helping me write this. I just wanted you to know that I'm happy in my new home and that I've been a good boy. My mommy plays with me and buys all the toys I like. I love her so much. You were right about families. They do make things better. They comfort me when I'm scared or sad. Kayla I want you to know I miss you. My mommy says maybe one day we'll come and visit you.

Sonic the hedgehog.
PS: I miss you too much.

Kayla read the letter and smiled. She knew he was fine. She tucked the letter away and held onto it. She then went home.

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