(02) Louring

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Louring (Luh-or-ing)
v. Look angry or sullen
Look dark and threatening

"Riley, please go handle table seven," Amanda, the owner of the fine cafe gently spoke. She was an old lady with dyed blonde hair that settled at a bob and wrinkly old skin. A small smile was what graced Riley's face as she sent a nod Amanda's way.

Riley walked over to table seven, irritated at the tight waitress outfit which was nothing but a light blue dress that reached the middle of her thigh and a white apron that displayed itself in front of it. It fit her like a second skin, and she hated it.

Table seven was a teenage boy with his girlfriend, who he paid no attention to because his eyes were traveling over Riley's body. Riley's innocence would even allow her to realize what the young boy was doing. She sent a smile to the girl and pulled her notepad out from the little pocket in the middle of her apron.

"Hello, my name is Riley and today I wi-"

Cutting her off, the cafe door opened to reveal a man who was more handsome than any man she's ever encountered. He had tan skin which was tainted in tattoos that covered every inch of skin he had to show like a blanket, dark brown curly hair plastered on the top of his head. His jaw was sharp, and his face hid any sort of emotion. He had very plump lips for a male which were tinted pink. His eyes looked to belong to the devil as his orbs gazed around the room as if he were in search of something-or someone.

His eyes stopped as he looked into Riley's. Her heartbeat picked up, and her smile that she welcomingly held on her face, vanished. She wanted to look away but his eyes put her into some type of spell, it made her intrigued and left her panties to dampen all in one.

Fighting with everything within her, she turned her eyes away. When she turned back to see if he had vanished, she was expecting him to have looked away, but his eyes were still blazing deep within hers. Her stomach turned. She didn't know who he was, but for some reason, she felt a pull that she didn't want to be complied to follow.

He winked at her, and from that small motive, her breaths were left uneven. He whispered something to the man beside him and walked off to the back of the cafe where only the employees were allowed to be.

"You know that man?" The boy whose table she was waitressing at had asked.


He seemed dangerous, and it frightened Riley to the max, but her own curiosity clouded her fear. "I'll be right back," she told the couple as she slowly walked to the back.

Chaotic-it's not even the word that fit the description of what was happening. Screaming, yelling, and begging could be heard. She should've ran, but she took baby steps toward the offices, looking for Amanda or Amara. At least someone.

When she got to Amanda's office, the cries were loud but it didn't belong to the kind old lady, it belonged to Riley's best friend.

"Amara!" she shouted throwing the door open. Horrifically, Amara sits on her knees sobbing her eyes out as she held the woman who was so kind, and who did no wrong in her lap. She didn't care about the blood that now ruins her clothes, Amara was crying for the woman who's life ended from a bullet. Riley couldn't get herself to cry, all she could do was watch. She finally moved her legs to bend down and held the sobbing Amara close to her chest.

"Who would do something like this?!" Amara shouted, releasing the sadness and anger into her words.

"You should know, Daniellina," the door opened to reveal the man from earlier. The jaw-dropping one. His voice was sexier than his looks as his accent could be heard and his deep alluring voice erupted Riley into a shiver.

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