(04) Eunoia

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Eunoia (u-no-ee-ah)
N. Beautiful thinking; a well mind

Her mind was left blank, besides the pounding throb that was left in the back of her head resulting in a headache. Riley's heart yearned for her friend, she felt as if it had been shattered into bits of pieces, and the phrase that killed her slowly interrupted her joyful aura.

Confusion was knocking at the door, and her mind only rose with questions that surfaced the water of pity and allowed itself to gaze upon the sunlight of unhappiness. Nothing made sense, all she knew was this man wanted something to do with Amara. In her mind, it seemed as if the man was out of blood, and his victim was her best friend.

The one question that kept running through her mind was why? Amara swore to tell Riley everything, yet this secret that had never been revealed is still left as an unsolved mystery.

A knock that sounded at the door immediately dropped the thoughts that were circling her mind. Riley sat up on the bed and watched as the door opened to reveal a man who was the size of the incredible hulk."

Come with me," he ordered before leaving the white wooden door ajar. The room was dark and the little amount of light that seeped through the room dilated her pupils that had grown accustomed to the darkness.

She set one foot on the clean carpeted flooring before stepping down on her other one. Her legs were weak due to the little amount of movement she had in her muscles from being crammed up for so long. After a couple of steps, she was walking normally. She followed the bulky man out of the room. The halls were dark, only the lights within the ceilings gave her the ability to not be swallowed up by the darkness.

The transition from the white carpet to the black tile floor was clear as her heels clanked against the contact made with the sleek tiles. The amount of silence was screaming with anticipation, it had her clawing in fear at what was to come.

To briefly mask her terror, she continued staring at the decorated halls. Paintings of different signs that she understood so little meaning behind astonished her. It made her curious to find out what each meant.

The walls were painted a black color and a beautiful long silk red runner was directly in the center of the hall. The beautiful candles that were left in holders were hung precisely in every corner. Everything about the building was magnificent and had its own meaning giving it the dangerous edgy look.

She looked straight in front of her with her eyes cast down. The man continued leading her down the long hallway until they were met with a door that had two men standing outside of it with their gun placed diagonally across their abdomen.

The man who was leading Riley nodded his head at the two, who then, returned the gesture before opening the door.

Inside, was an office. It was huge, the black walls were still present along with the black tiles. A desk was directly across from her view as she stood stiffly by the door waiting for her next instruction. A white armchair was placed at an angle in front of the granite topped desk along with another on the opposite side. A leather swivel chair sat right behind it. Everything seemed so expensive as she gazed upon the golden gun that was hung above the couch that was sprawled out in the corner of the office.

The words Omerta was written beautifully on the opposite side of the wall. The abstract font was eye-catching and Riley narrowed her eyes at it, trying to understand what exactly those words meant.

"Boss requested for her to be seated," one of the men from outside the office had said. His voice was gruff. He didn't even allow so much as a crack of any type of emotion. It was an empty voice that was so loud of a message. The muscular man who wore nothing who had walked her into this place, nodded his head before reaching his rough hand at the bicep of Riley's arm and pushed her down into the white seat. The chair adjusted to her body as she felt herself molding into it. It was very comfortable, in fact, she felt as if it was many times better than the bed she had at home.

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