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"Your first mistake was expecting help from Corey Michaels." A voice says behind me causing me to turn. I look over to see a guy shutting his car door. He smiles at me and his whole face lights up. He would be a little shorter than Corey with jet black hair. "I'm Jake." He says as he gets closer, I hear a slight southern accent. "Jake Collins."

"I'm Lexie. Lexie Michaels."

"Michaels?" He raises an eyebrow. "You are related to that idiot?"

"He is my cousin."

"You have an accent." He blurts out.

"So do you." I counter and I see a pink tinge appear on Jake's cheeks.

"I meant you sound like you aren't from here." He says ringing his hands together.

"Denmark. I'm from Denmark. I'm staying with my Uncle and his family. Corey was supposed to help me but-"

"He is a selfish jerk." Jake finishes cutting me off.

"Something like that."

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