Chapter 48 - Who Am I?

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Sumunod naman kami kay Sir Hiroshi at noong nasa Technology Department na kami ay hindi ko mapigilang hindi mapatingin sa scientists at researchers. All of them were busy with programs and devices. Akane also said she could hear explosions inside several laboratories. This kind of situation was normal to them but they seemed agitated and pressured.

We went to the Dimension Room and carefully approached the huge table in the middle because walking on a transparent floor was still nerve-wracking.

"Here are your new weapons. You can now mark them," sabi ni Sir Hiroshi sabay turo sa amin sa mga nakahanay sa table.

"Whoa! Seryoso 'to? Pwede namin 'tong gamitin?" Ken beamed as he inspected one of the weapons.

"Yes," Sir Hiroshi replied. "Especially now that the war is slowly approaching."

Napatingin ako sa kanya dahil sa sinabi niya. Hearing the word war from their mouths still didn't feel right. I couldn't even fathom that we would be fighting to death.

We immediately knew what weapons were assigned to us because of the descriptions. Reiji picked up the slingshot at the end. According to its description, the elasticity of the rubber is proportional to the applied force and it will not snap because they incorporated the data they gathered from Reiji's sixth sense limits. The bullets were circular in shape and their penetration capacity would is proportional to the strength and speed of the shot.

Kinuha naman ni Riye ang set ng bow and arrow. However, it was also modified since there's a tiny scope attached to the bow which would show the internal systems of the body. The user won't also need extreme accuracy since the arrow will follow what's locked in the scope.

Ken got black balls the size of marbles. They were mini-bombs with different compositions, hence, different effects. Ken could differentiate each through their scents and when I tried smelling one of them, I couldn't even tell if there was really some scent.

Isang kakaibang sword naman ang napunta kay Akane. The sword was light and elastic. When she pressed something on the hilt of the sword, it suddenly transformed into a whip. What was more surprising was the length changes with respect to the strength and power of the swing.

Hiro got twin guns. One could detect minute changes in the surroundings and would automatically load bullets depending on the user's wish. The other one could perceive a Shinigami's presence and it would unconditionally release a bullet. The mechanism of the loading of bullets is similar to the notepad—infinite.

Pare-pareho naman kaming nagulat nang biglang tinutok sa akin ni Hiro ang baril kaya napapikit ako.

'Shit!" he cursed and Akane pulled me away from him.

It could perceive a Shinigami's presence.

Parang biglang lumubog ang puso ko. Kahit pilit kong itinatanggi sa sarili ko ay pinapamukha pa rin sa akin ng ganitong pagkakataon kung ano ako.

"The bullet didn't come out," sabi naman ni Sir Hiroshi. "You're not a Shinigami. Okay?"

But the gun still reacted to my presence, I wanted to say but I decided not to. Kinalma ko na lang ang sarili ko dahil ayaw ko munang isipin ang pagkatao ko. Ang mahalaga ngayon ay kung ano ang magagawa ko.

Lumapit ako sa table at kinuha ko ang weapon na para sa akin. It was a gun, but instead of bullets, it has arrows in the cartridge. The size of the arrows are small enough to fit inside but they change into its real size the moment they get outside of the gun. There's also a scope on the top of the gun so I could estimate the distance of the target.

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