Chapter 57 - Legendary Skill

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My body went rigid and I didn't know what to do. Her presence alone was enough to froze and intimidate me but I was surprised when I saw Ma'am Michiko, Sir Hideo and my mother in front of me as Akane and Hiro pulled me away from them.

Hindi pa ako nakakahinga nang maayos nang bigla namang sumugod ang Reapers sa amin.

My sight became blurry. Everything around me seemed to be fading away. It was becoming silent and the only thing I could hear was my own heart.

My senses came back when I something bumped me hard from behind. Pagtingin ko, si Sir Hiroshi pala.


"Damn. I lost my timing," me muttered while removing his glasses that got broken. Bigla naman siyang tumingin sa akin habang nakakunot ang noo.


"Oh. Akemi. Sorry, I can't see clearly," sabi ni Sir.

He suddenly clenched his fist while looking behind me and then he threw a punch beside me. Napabuntong-hininga na lang ako dahil akala ko ay ako na ang susuntukin niya but it turned out he just summoned his dagger and a black piece of cloth was transfixed in it.

"I can see you, moron," he said and when he pulled back his dagger, a body got dragged with it.

He did that again. Sa pagkakatanda ko, that was Sir Hayate's sixth sense. He could see through things but I didn't know he could also do that with Black Dimension. Pero bakit parang si Sir Hiroshi ang gumagamit?

Bigla namang lumitaw sa harapan ko si Ma'am Ramos kaya napaatras ako. I almost got decapitated by her sword. I was about to summon my spear but I remembered it was broken a while ago when the Reapers attacked me.

Ma'am Ramos stopped on his tracks when holographic balls suddenly surrounded us and Ma'am Reina stood in front of her. I stared at them and realized they were like timers and one of them only had five seconds left. Hiro immediately pointed his twin guns at the timers and Shinigamis appeared in front of the timers that turned zero. He shot the two Shinigamis and the holographic timers disappeared.

That was when I realized those timers could detect the time the Black Dimension would open. But how come Ma'am Reina could summon those devices? That was Sir Hirohi's ability. And predicting the Shinigami's location could only be done by the help of Sir Hayate.

Naghalu-halo na ba ang sixth senses nila?

I shook my head and just focused on the timers. I aimed my arrows at those that were turning zero to predict the Reapers' movements.

"Unbelievable," Akane said in awe.

"Ang alin? Ang ginawa ni Ms. Reina?"

"Yes. But, not really that. The unique ability I told you earlier."

Napakunot naman ang noo ko. "Ano 'yon?"

She turned her head and smiled. "The seventh sense."

I looked at her with a baffled expression. Seventh sense? Mayroong gano'n?

"You mean, sina Ma'am Reina?"

"Yeah," she muttered. "I read about that in a book. It's an ability where two or more Senshins have full coordination with each other, where they could share each other's sixth senses and read their minds and movements. However, only those Senshins who have complete trust with each other, have the same levels of skills and have been in numerous battles together achieve the activation of seventh sense, that's why it's considered as a legendary skill, as well as a myth."

Muli akong napatingin kina Ma'am Reina at naintindihan ko na kung bakit nagagawa nila ang abilities ng isa't isa. Akane didn't think it was possible but they were doing it as if it was just like breathing to them.

"They are really amazing," dagdag pa niya.

Napatingin ulit ako sa direksyon nina Mama at Sir Hideo pero hindi ko talaga masundan ang mga galaw nila. I could only see afterimages. They were moving too fast.

"Don't even try to go near them."

Napalingon naman ako dahil sa sinabing 'yon ni Hiro. He read my mind again.

"I-I know." Alam kong magiging pabigat lang ako sa kanila.

"That guy told me her plan." Napatingin ako kay Hiro nang sabihin niya 'yon.

"That guy? Darwin?"

He nodded. "He told me that Rin wants to kill you."

Bigla namang bumigat ang pakiramdam ko nang marinig ko 'yon. I didn't know how to react. If she was really my mother, why would she kill me?

I choked back the tears that were threatening to come out. I have to be mentally and emotionally strong. Pero biglang natinag ang lakas na pinanghahawakan ko nang marinig ko ang pagsigaw ni Mama.


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