New and Old [USSR x Germany]

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Greetings all,

Alright, before you start judging me, just read the chapter (unless you don't like the ship and/or aren't curious). It will (hopefully) explain my weird idea.

I tried very hard to make this normally Non-Con and actually supposed to be a gross and bad ship, cute and wholesome. I really hope I succeeded.

This is not pedophilia or Non-con. I can't explain it but everything is okay here. Just believe me.

For the sake of plot, every German is female here, not only Germany.

Sincerely, Exe.

{Former Title: Cornflowers}


The pebbles crunched with every step he took. If he would be on his way to a different location, for a different purpose Soviet would have found the sound calming and enjoyed it. Perhaps it was his form of 'ASMR' or whatever America always called listening to calming sounds. But really, nothing would be able to calm his nerves right now.

With every meter he got closer to his destination his heart beat louder, his hands got more sweaty and his body picked up a shake he could not lose.

God, if another country felt how he felt they would probably think he was about to be killed, killed for his crimes, when in reality it was far, far from that.

Or perhaps it wasn't? For Soviet it did feel like he was about to walk into death's hands. He didn't know why he felt that way. The last time he felt like this was when he was about to ask Reich out and-

No. Reich is gone. Reich will never come back. He had understood that when he got to know her, when he decided to ask her out.

She was so similar to Weimar, even if she came after Reich. Her flag was the same as Weimars, everything was just like Weimar. She didn't seem to have anything left from her time as Reich. Not even the memories they made.

He swallowed and clenched the single cornflower in his hand once and looked at it. It was her national flower. At least that hadn't changed. Reich had always looked so pretty with that prussian blue colored flower perched behind her ear, the silky red hair softly swaying in the wind.

The Russian had always found it weird. How such a brutal, unforgiving woman could be so gentle at the same time. He had seen Reich kill people. Many people. Had watched her torture her enemies, plan her attacks. Had watched as she invaded his country, attacked his people, stabbed him in the back.

At the same time he had remembered the times they would sit and cuddle when it was raining, or when winter knocked on the Germans door. Reich had hated the cold so bad. She had always hid herself under the covers with him and in those moments he would forget how cruel and evil she actually was. And when they left their comfort zone, he would remember that she would be awaited in hell. That she will probably have her own personal throne there.

But he knew he would love her still. He would love her cruel smiles, her flowing, red hair, her ruby eyes, the beautiful memories.

That was gone now. Instead of red hair it was black. The open, flowing hair was a messy bun now. The appreciated little gift of a cornflower a lost memory.

But that was what he came for afterall. To regain memories. To make new ones with this new form of her.

Yes, Reich may be gone, but in a way she wasn't. She was still with him, just that she wasn't so aggressive anymore. Just that she wasn't so racist anymore. Just that she wasn't red anymore but rather a mix of black, red and yellow.

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