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Only in my dreams ↝ Rusame by Angelina_The_Owl
Only in my dreams ↝ Rusameby ✂ Lucfit
⇱ in which America can't stop loving the boy that'll end up killing him. ⇲ Made: 11/01/20 Finished: 01/04/20
new student { GerPol} by NoahBochat
new student { GerPol}by Noah
Poland will be able to finally go to school but.... this is just about some of the past here are some of the ships: Germany 🇩🇪 X Poland 🇵🇱 Russia🇷🇺 X America Hun...
Who Am I? {Countryhumans}  [Sad RusAme Story] by mellonhead157
Who Am I? {Countryhumans} [Sad •Annoying Child•
"Ame! Do you remember me?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's winter time, and Christmas is right around the corner. America and Russia have been growing closer...
Sixty-four Little Trouble Makers by twafflesthegreat
Sixty-four Little Trouble Makersby SunMarrow
America, most call her USA, Is a single hardworking mom of 64. Wait no one knows about her kids? To everyone around her she is just lazy selfish person who cares for no...
Reformed Student by SweetCaramelz
Reformed Studentby SweetCaramelz
There is a new student in class, and he's from the new reform program. Poland never trusted Germany, but this guy seemed to be different. He didn't have the usual evil...
America's Secrets by WorldsSmallestHuman
America's Secretsby SmallHuman
America is a liar, half the things he's told any country are most likely a lie, America's children are secrets and no one knows of them, but what happens when Russia is...
The Future awaits (GerPol fanfic) by GermanyCH
The Future awaits (GerPol fanfic)by GermanyCH
This fanfic was created by Me and my bestie Lexi! Keep in mind that if you see Me or I that means basically me known as K is talking because this fanfic is being written...
Countryhumans || Smut Oneshots || Requests Open by SlideySoap
Countryhumans || Smut Oneshots || Cha
oh jeez i'm actually doing this if any of you know me in real life you say nothing about this anyways REQUESTS ARE OPEN
Countryhumans One-Shots ((DISCONTINUED)) by HickleandSammer
Countryhumans One-Shots (( !
Hello! I have been seeing these lately and decided to give it a try! Hope you enjoy! (Art not mine, all credit goes to the artist @ _purple_cotton_ultrafiolet_ on instag...
The fathers by coklat_890
The fathersby A_P 089
Poland, which was finally free from war and all kinds of politics, decided to build a new life and search for the meaning of happiness and love. he worked at an EU compa...
Fuck marriage I am I right (Countryhumans RusAme) by Ebeeie
Fuck marriage I am I right ( A sad Irish eejit
Countryhumans RusAme UN is fed up with Russia and America rivalry best way to fix it marriage.... "UN go suck on a dick!"
Where Winter Meets Summer (Rusame Countryhumans) by OnyxxCrow
Where Winter Meets Summer ( OnyxxCrow
THE DISCOVERY A fundamentally lonesome person, Russia believed he could survive the Academy all on his own but his assumptions were quickly torn down as the Awakening se...
50 states 1 Country (OLD) by TheMushroomWltch
50 states 1 Country (OLD)by TheMushroomWitch
America has 50 kids that no one knows about not even the U.N. The country can take care of them but they make it harder to take care of himself. He usually only gets 30...
Darkness of Ours (RusAme) by Amaura1406
Darkness of Ours (RusAme)by Amaura
The year is two- thousand, twenty-seven. The USA has collapsed. America is dead. The Cabinet of States has arisen from its ashes. Their very own Countryhuman, Cabi, in...
Countryhumans oneshot  by OkieDokie10101
Countryhumans oneshot by Ambery
Cover done by YunJins_Polearm /\ also has an art book and oneshot book so check it out!! I have two oneshot books, this one is completed and there is another one on my...
→black Eyed [[ countryhumans]]←AU by Zum12346
→black Eyed [[ countryhumans]]←AUby ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
America has kept his secret for years with it going unnoticed, but his family decided to move and enroll him to a new school. how long can he keep his act up? how will n...
50 Kids by ThemBonesGorl
50 Kidsby Hog Skin
I need you guys to stop reading this 😭 (Also this book is now finished)
Shattering Constellations | Countryhumans | Human AU by Blisopoppy
Shattering Constellations | Blisopoppy
I, America, live in a perfect world. No one disturbs me; they fear me. As a wise man had said, "isolation is the key to success." I believe it whole heartedly...
RusAme - 10 things I hate about you by Skaizark
RusAme - 10 things I hate about youby Skai
Art Cover by: Imaweirddo What do you get when you have a bitchy American, a selfish Canadian, a rebellious Russian, an adorable Ukrainian, a nerdy German, and a horrible...
Rating Countryhuman Ships Cuz YES by Devil_CH
Rating Countryhuman Ships Cuz YESby Anvert
Just Rating Countryhuman Ships Cuz YES (nothing in this book is written to offend or upset anyone) Enjoy!