The Wall [Germany]

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Greetings all,

Soooo... originally, this was supposed to be a Oneshot celebrating the 30-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, however I didn't get done with it on time. I could have published it a few day later but then I wasn't happy with what I had already written. I really hated this Oneshot and felt it was very rushed and low in quality, so I abandoned it while keeping it in my drafts. I had a feeling I would come back to it sooner or later.

I finally felt ready to try and fix this Oneshot so I am happy with it, and now it's here! I've also added in a bit about the reunification. It'll be officially 30 years next year!

Enjoy! (And yes, I absolutely HAD to take the Bavarian dialect to this extreme level.)

Sincerely, Exe.


Germany still remembered the pain clearly.

She remembered the pain in her chest, in her heart, as she watched her father's body fall to the ground of the bunker they sat in with a heavy thud. Remembered how she pleaded him to wake up because she can't do this alone. She remembered the pain in her body, in her soul, as she turned into two separate people.

Germany didn't like to think back on that time, but today she had to. Today was the day the wall fell afterall. Today, on the 9th November in 1989, the wall fell, and she got to finally be whole again. Her official reunification may have been in 1990 but the wall fell sooner. She was whole sooner.

"Alles gut? Denkst du du schaffst das, Deutschland?"

"Ughhh. Alter, stress sie doch nicht so, NRW! Alles wird glatt laufen!"

"Ich stresse sie nicht! Ich frage doch nur ob sie das schafft!"

"I wui mi jo noamal ned einmischn, aba wenn du des so weida machst wirds se komplett de Fassung valiarn du Breznsoiza!"

"Und wie bitte ist sich um sie sorgen stressend?!"

"Junge bist du behindert?! Das sagt doch in irgendner' Art aus das du ihr nicht vertraust oder du denkst sie wird das nicht schaffen! Chill deine Basis, wird schon klappen."


"Keine Sorge, NRW. Ich pack' das schon."

She found it kind of sweet, how they worried about her.

Germany always felt like the Federal States were more like her parents instead of her colleagues or subordinates. They were way older than her, most had been their own Kingdoms once before being united onto a country under the German Empire. They taught her things but most importantly, helped her in that time. Both of her.

Still, sometimes she wished they wouldn't make such a big deal out of smaller things. Okay, the female had to admit that the fall of the wall wasn't a small thing, neither was the fact that it was 30 years ago already. However, she couldn't help but wish that they hadn't talked to EU about it to get her a day off.

You see, EU absolutely LOVED big, fancy celebrations. Knowing that the number one superpower of his, and overall the fourth strongest country, had such a big thing coming, he would definitely take matters into his own hands to make something even bigger out of it.

Germany hadn't been able to do anything to stop him, except watching as he strolled to UN, ASEAN and NATO, proudly declaring the cause for his plans and getting the three other organizations all exited as well. The result was that now, all countries were to meet in a huge ballroom in Berlin and celebrate the fall. Including listening to a few speeches, from the ones taking care of her split country and the organizations, ending with a speech from her.

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