III. Welcome to New Haven!

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The Gifted aboard the Mother Nature descended down the exit ramps and onto one of the four piers along this part of Elfen Island's shoreline.

Lena walked alongside the other Gifted with her luggage, with Aria coming up behind her.
Not too far from the piers was an arch with a symbol in the center, and the words "New" and "Haven" on either side of it. The symbol was a diamond with seven stars lining the border, all connected by lines. Past the arch were two sets of buildings on either side. The set of buildings on the left were the educational buildings, most likely where classes took place. On the right was the dorms; where the Gifted residents would be staying.

As they passed through the pathway directly between these two sets of buildings, Lena took notice of the benches lining the sides, and the pattern of trees lining the cobblestone pathway.

The pathway headed straight towards the theater and visitor's center up ahead, with a fork in the paths right before it; the left path leading to New Haven's food court and the right path leading to New Haven's extravagant garden.

The entire group of Gifted entered the theater and were greeted by faculty inside the lobby. The faculty members guided them inside the auditorium, where they left their luggage along the back wall of it.

They all then took seats in the big auditorium, Lena taking a seat near the back, and Aria plopping next to her, much to Lena's social anxiety.
"Isn't this exciting??" Aria asked eagerly, "I'm so ready to start this year here!! This place is the best!"
"Yeah..." Lena uttered, her social battery already drained completely.

Aria then saw Dai, Kai, and Raina pass by them in the aisle, and she waved.
"Hi Dai!" she said.
Dai looked to her in response and just gave a small smile and wave.
"You know that chick?" Raina asked.
"I met her on the ferry," Dai explained, "She's... nice."
"The red-haired girl to?" Kai asked.
"Yeah, her too," Dai said, "Her name is Lena. She's Russian."
"Ooo," Raina cooed, "Exotic."
"Don't say that," Dai hushed, lightly hitting Raina's arm as the three sat down close to the front.

Many of the Gifted were seated at this point, and so a dark-skinned woman walked out on the stage. She wore a business top and skirt, and wore a small, white cape. On the cape was New Haven's symbol. She wore her hair in a bun and had a brisk walk.

She approached a podium in the center of the stage and stood at it, addressing the large group of Gifted.

"Greetings, young Gifted," she said, "And welcome to New Haven. As many of you may already know, this is a place for Gifted to freely practice the use of their powers while simultaneously gaining a great education. I am Arielle Danford, the headmistress here, and I will be going over with you the rules and regulations that make New Haven the notable Gifted institution it is."

Slight murmuring occurred among the crowd, but Danford continued nonetheless.

"Each of you have already signed up for classes, and all classes take place from eight A.M. to two P.M., offering the requirements needed for a high school graduation and getting started on college, before applying to universities. Any questions about this will be directed at our counselors. You all also have free reign of Elfen Island, we also have motorized carts to help you get where you want to go on the island without the use of your Gift, just speak with one of our staff at the Cart Lot behind the education buildings. You also have your dorm rooms to study and rest in. Do note, we at New Haven do have a curfew; no resident is to be outside of the dorms after ten o'clock P.M. Any resident caught outside will be escorted back to the dorms with a warning and possible referral to me.

Also note, our physical education classes do involve Gifted Battling, but that doesn't mean this place is a free-for-all battleground. If you wish to test your might against one of your peers, you will have to challenge them to a duel, and consult a faculty member to have them supervise upon setting up a time and place. No one is to intervene in these duels except the faculty member. What are you are allowed to do with your Gifts without supervision is training and using your Gifts for recreational purposes. We just do not want anyone to get hurt. Should you be injured or ill, head to one of our infirmaries. Each dorm has one. Should you have a question or qualm with me, I will be in my office in the third education building. Now, your dorms have been assigned, and you will now be moved there to get yourself settled in and acquainted with your roommates. Any questions regarding the dorms will be referred to one of our faculty members. Thank you and welcome to New Haven!"

Upon finishing, Danford received applause from the crowd as they got up out of their seats, retrieved their luggage, and made their way to the dorms.


Lena entered her dorm building along with Aria, both carrying their luggage through a rather crowded hallway.
"You know what would be crazy?" Aria asked.
"What?" Lena asked back.
"If we were roommates!" Aria said excitedly, "What's your room number?"
Lena paused, hesitating.
"...A821," she said.
Aria gasped.
"No. Way," she said, "Me too!!!!"
Lena gave a half smile, trying to act happy.
"This is gonna be great, I can just tell!" Aria squealed.

The two made their way down the hall and followed the directions by the staircase. Each dorm building had three floors, and theirs was on the third floor.
They climbed the stairs, walking past Gifted showing off their Gifts and talking and socializing.

Lena just wanted to meet her bed. Classes didn't begin until tomorrow, and she wanted to rest.

The two eventually arrived at their dorm room; it was near the end of the hall, with one last door following it before the hall ended.
Lena took out her key that she (and Aria) got from the receptionist in the lobby downstairs, and was about to open the door, when the last door next to them opened suddenly.

Stepping out of A822, was an average height, muscular blond boy with dark green eyes. He wore a white tank top and held a water bottle, seeming like he just finished a workout.

Lena looked at him, partially annoyed, while Aria looked at him with great interest.

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