The New Visitors

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The very first thing Father told me today was that we would be getting some new visitors. He called them "Hylians". Such a strange name! Who would call themselves something like that? But then again, I haven't seen any other people besides Zoras. Father should let me roam our Domain more often.

They did however, rouse my curiosity. How did their faces look like? Did they have fins like us? Was fish also their favorite thing to eat? All these questions floated around my head continuously. It was quite fun imagining actually. I was constantly thinking about our visitors so much, that I couldn't concentrate during my swimming lessons with Muzu.

Constantly, I kept on fumbling up the "prestigious techniques" on how a Zora should gracefully move through water. They weren't necessarily that hard but I ran out of breath quickly performing them. Muzu had to come rescue me a few times. He sure was mad!

I couldn't understand why no one else shared on my interest for these... Hylians. Perhaps they've seen them before? Who knows. Time seemed to slow down though because it appeared that it would take ages for them to arrive. Father did say the visitors would come around evening time and stay for the night here, but it still felt like it was morning! My patience could use a little working on. It was only after a while before I got word our newcomers were making their way across the Great Zora Bridge.

Immediately, I dashed for the main plaza from the slumber pools where I was idling around bored. My little Zora legs ran as fast as they could carry me. At last! When I got to the ledge overlooking the plaza, all the council members were present. Even Dento was there, who everyone has a hard time getting him to come out of his shop for any reason.

They all had serious faces, something adults always had. I made my way down the winding steps leading towards the plaza and hid behind Dento. He looked at me and smiled slightly before turning his attention back to the bridge. Dento always liked me.

Looking ahead again, four fuzzy figures became visible, slowly making their way towards us. Everyone hushed when they saw them. As the figures came closer, their physical appearances became distinguishable. My mouth gawked as the newcomers approached. They looked so... peculiar! The strangers appeared somewhat like us Zoras, but seemed to lack some of our more obvious characteristics.

Their heads seemed to have... silky strands of thread of some sort put together in a large clump on top. It was a bit difficult to describe the scene. Very strange, but I didn't oppose to it. As Fronk walked up to greet them, only then did I see how short in stature the Hylians stood compared to a Zora. They mustn't get very tall. Fish can definitely help with that. What caught my attention almost immediately though, was a child among the group. At least he looked like one compared to the others. The moment the little Hylian stepped into view, the surrounding council members began murmuring amongst themselves.

"Is that the Hylian child we've heard about?" Whispered Seggin. "I heard he's bested even adults in combat." Replied Trello. "One of those men must be his father." Murmured another.

Meanwhile, I couldn't help but gaze at the little boy intently. His bold, blue eyes and silky gold hair stood out among the rest. He seemed to be... different... special. I couldn't quite put it. The young Hylian looked around the Domain in awe, like a newborn child who just looked upon his mother for the first time. It really was quite adorable. He probably hadn't seen such megalithic structures like ours, and I couldn't help but feel a bit proud of it.

Gazing around, his sharp, perceptive eyes spotted me behind Dento. I could feel my cheeks flush and scooted slightly more behind him, seeing my position was given. He looked at me curiously and waved with a big smile. I waved back... I mustn't let my manners fail me.

Fronk said a few more things to the visitors and then led them towards Father's throne room with the council members following behind. The only ones left were me and the little Hylian who was too busy looking around to notice the others leaving. We stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do. He looked just as shy as me. Looks like I've always got to do everything myself. Slowly, as not to startle the boy, I edged up to him until we were only a few feet from each other. He looked at me curiously with his big blue eyes.

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