Chapter 2

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   "What's your name?" Natasha asked.
   "They call me S.O.S." I said. Sam shook his head.
   "No, your real name."
   "I don't-"
   "Auriana!" Dimitri's voice called from across the hall. I winced, Natasha raised an eyebrow. I turned and faced him. "What?"
   When I saw the body bag in his arms, I couldn't help but tear up. My sadness threatened to overwhelm me. But I couldn't really show anything yet. Yet.
   I walked over to Dimitri, took the bag from him, and told him to leave. "You sure?" His eyes pleaded for me to let him stay.
   "Yes, go," I whispered, unable to look him in the eyes. He pouted. "Hail Hydra," he said, then left.
   I guess I didn't realize how long I was standing there. Someone cleared their throat behind me.
   "That's a big bag you've got there, Auriana," Sam said, leaning against the bars. " What's in it?"
   I turned around facing my prisoners. "This bag, Sam Wilson, is your escape." I smiled. "You guys just have to accept my offer."
   They huddled again, looking at me occasionally. I set the bag down, looking for everything I packed in there before my guard shift.
   Hidden in Clara's curly blonde hair were two small, robotic airplanes. By her waist, three skintight Hydra outfits. They were small, so they weren't so obvious. I hoped they would fit.
   I stand up to find an extended hand. Steve held out his right hand to seal the deal.
   I chuckled and held out my left hand. It was my subtle way of letting them know that I still held the power as long as I was helping them. Steve looked me in the eyes, not understanding.
   Winter jumped and pulled Steve back, taking his place. He shoved his metal hand out of the cell and shook my flesh one. He made his message clear: If I did anything to double cross them, he would kill me.
   And I don't doubt he'll try.

   I grabbed the outfits and tossed them to the boys. I gingerly stripped Clara of hers, and handed it to Natasha, who gave me a pity look. I avoided her eyes and fetched the backpack wrapped in Clara's arms.
   I paused, and brushed Clara's hair out of her face. I looked at her features, so peaceful and asleep.
   "So, Auriana," Sam spat, "how will we get past the eyes and ears of Hydra?"
   I smirked. "Oh, I already took care of that. Leave getting out of the facility to me."
   As the changed into their outfits, I zipped up Clara's body bag and unlocked the cell. When they stepped out, Winter picked up Clara, and I poked around the backpack for the masks I packed.
   When I pulled them out though, he dropped Clara, ready to fight. It took all the power in me  not to scream. "Be careful with her." My voice came out squeakier than I wanted, and my lip trembled a bit. I knelt down and unzipped the bag to see her face. Her head tilted back, and one of her eyes had fallen open. It was a beautiful blue, unseeing eye.
   I sighed and closed the bag. When I stood up, all but Winter took the masks from me. "Come on James. We need to make everyone think that you're under their control again," I told him. He looked up at the mention of his name. He snatched the mask away from me.
"My name is Bucky,"he said. Steve smiled.
"What's the plan?"he asked.
"Well first," I started, " I need Bucky to pick up my friend." As he did, I went on. "Second, while in the facility, you will address me as S.O.S. for safety reasons. If everything goes well, we'll be out and gone within the hour. But you guys have to do exactly as I say without hesitation. Any questions?"
"Great, put on the masks."
Steve helped Winter get his mask on. I double checked my bag to see if I was missing anything. Of course, I had forgotten the most essential thing.
"I don't suppose any of you has a knife?" I asked, not expecting for them to have one. To my surprise, Natasha pulled one out of her bra and tossed it to me. It was a simple pocket knife, but it would do the trick.
"Great! Let's get started."

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