Chapter 10

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   Now that we'd been located so quickly, we had to leave within the next few hours and speed everything up. Clara and I had planned for this but we didn't expect it all to go down hill so quickly.
   Winter and I ran the few miles back to the warehouse, where we explained what had happened. I portioned out the food while he shared how I killed both of the guys in the alley, and the others gawked at me, still not understanding that I was an assassin.
I passed out the phones and we shared numbers.
"What's your last name kid?" Natasha asked me, probably wanting it for the contact name.
"I don't know," I said, "I figure that it was always my parents names. I'll find them when we get to New York."
"How would New York help?" Nat questioned.
"Well obviously S.H.I.E.L.D. has a file on me, and maybe I can get a lead on that file that would help me find them, or I could at least get a DNA test. If my hacking skills were better, I would already know who my parents are, but HYDRA has really good security."
Natasha kinda packed at the mention of a DNA test, just another indicator that she knew something that I didn't.
"You didn't really seem like someone who cared who their parents were,"she chided. I nodded.
"Yeah I didn't," I said, checking my bag for anything else I might need before we leave. "But I think it might be a little freeing, you know? Confirming that my parents are dead."
"What makes you think they're dead?"
"Well I assume that one of my parents are HYDRA, but they're probably dead since I'm probably better than them. And I would hope that if my other parent were still alive, they might have come to get me by now."
Natasha looked down, as if ashamed. "Maybe they didn't know."
I shrugged. "Maybe. I think they're dead, but it would be nice to know for sure."
"Natasha!" Steve called out from across the building with the others. "Can we see you for a sec?" Nat looked back at me.
"Go," I said, "They're trying to decide who gets stuck with me." She nodded and walked over to her team.
   I waited for them to finish whispering, and I chose not to listen because I knew what their decision would be. I was putting my phone in my jacket pocket when Nat came back to me with the others.
   "We've decided that Bucky will go with you," Steve said. I knew he would say that. I looked at Winter. He didn't seem to jazzed about coming with me, but then again, none of them would be.
   "Alright! Let's get this show on the road!" I clapped my hands together, trying to sound excited. I opened the back doors of the ware house to show a small runway. I loved the way Sam's mouth dropped open like a kid who just woke up on Christmas.
   "This is where you decide where you go. Each plane has enough fuel to go about 500 miles. And once you land, do NOT go to a public airport." I climbed onto one of the planes and sat in the pilot seat.
   "Why?" Steve asked as he climbed into his own plane.
   "Because HYDRA has agents in every public airport on the planet. They expect us to go to a public airport because that's where they wouldn't have agents. Does that make sense?"
   Everyone nodded and got on to their respective planes. Winter hesitated before climbing behind me into the passenger seat.
   Sam fires his plane up first and started down the runway. After he lifted off, Natasha did the same. Steve stopped and looked back at Winter before starting down the runway himself. I turned back.
   "You ready big guy?" I asked. Winter nodded, strapping himself in. I started up my engine and pushed the gas. We hurtled down the runway and lifted off with no trouble.
   "Which way do you want to go?"I yelled back to him.
   "West!" He screamed back. I nodded and steered away from the sun.
   Steve's plane was going southwest, while Sam and Natashas planes were not going anywhere west, so I couldn't see where they were going.
   But me, I was going home.

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