Thirty||A Sickening Meeting

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As the days passed and my classes became a place where I was dissected down to the bone by my instructors and peers, I realized that I was more of an outcast than before. My longing for isolation and solitude from people grew more profound with every passing day. I longed for the days where Naxan and I could fly freely over the dragon island without a worry in the world besides taking down traps left by the hunters. On that island is where our memories were, my fondest memories. Where I first met Naxan and developed our bond by learning we were one another's missing piece. We hunted together, protected one another, and spent every waking moment by each other's side. I was homesick, and I could tell Naxan was too, but he knew more than I did; this was the place we needed to be.

To top things off, the ball that I had to take place in was only a week away. Meaning I would be paraded around in front of all to see in an uncomfortable dress surrounded by unfamiliar faces who would judge my every movement. I knew they would be watching me because I was the first female dragon rider they had ever seen. I was breaking the system. And I knew for a fact people would indeed dislike that idea.

I thanked the people who didn't see me as a disturbance. They made me feel welcomed and that I had people to turn toward. So, I suppose I wasn't completely alone at the Academy. I had Baylen, who, although he liked to tease and joke around far more than I would like him to, I know he meant well. Then there were the first-year dragon riders, Aelric, Ton, Roland and Sige. They first met me on the dragon island, not expecting to find more than what they came there to look for. Now we train together every day and all day. I couldn't ask for a better team. Then came Tomi and Fin. Our first encounter was not the greatest of situations for I was covered from head to toe in demon guts. They never let me forget that day, but they also constantly praise me for my weaponry abilities. And then there was Kayne. He drove me crazy for reasons I was unsure of. I was drawn to him in ways I could not control, whether it be from my own feelings or the shadows wanting to feel his power. My feeling for him was unknown at this point. These past couple of days he's been acting strange. He still had his flirtatious personality, but somedays he seemed so distant and withdrawn from his friends, especially me.

I wasn't the only one who noticed this either. Baylen and I have shared our findings of Kayne and we haven't been able to come to a conclusion of why he's been so different.

By the time I was done thinking about my angering thoughts, I was in front of Colin's office door. He requested that I meet him in his office for some important reason that I was not yet told of what it was. Knocking on the door, I waited until I heard his voice sound before entering.

Upon entering the office, I wished I had known what this meeting entailed. Once I saw who was in the office, I wanted to turn right back around and leave.

"Good morning Miss Navi." Colin smiled warmly.

I refrained from glowering as I shut the office door behind me. The other council members stared at me with a harsh intensity that caused the hair on my neck to bristle in anger. I felt like a cornered snowcat who rabid wolves surrounded.

"Miss Withers," One of the men said. His red eyes looked like liquid fire causing mass destruction over a civilization. "Councilor Anton Deverrel. Lovely to see you again." I exchanged no words, even though I would have loved to comment on the sickly sweetness of his sarcastic tone.

He stuck his hand out. I grasped it firmly and shook his hand. Through the handshake, I felt his infinity of fire deep within his being. It was enormous. Every corner of his mind and body was occupied with raging flames that scorched and seared my wandering mind. Taking my hand back, I subconsciously rubbed my hands together. As if I was trying to rid myself of the feeling of being burned alive. The feeling faded as we no longer were in contact with each other.

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